Akiba Citizen
Oct 10, 2008
JUX-091 Misa Yuki - Perverted bondage teacher
JUX-092 Ruri Saijo - Love father-in-law more than husband
JUX-093 Eriko Miura & Fumie Sugimoto - Mother lost dear son
JUX-094 Kyoka Miyauchi - Young wife harassment
JUX-095 Yurie Matsushima - Sex toy teacher
JUX-096 Rina Fukada - Please fuck my wife's anal
JUX-097 Mio Takahashi - Indecent crotch shaved madam
JUX-098 Yu Kawakami (Shizuku Morino) - Beautiful madam home bath service
JUX-099 Yumi Kazama - Tender landlady
JUX-100 Hello Japan - my name is Angelina (from Sweden)

JUX-101 Ai Komori - My mother-in-law of yearning
JUX-102 Nana Aida - Suntan excellent body
JUX-103 Reiko Kubo - Neighbourhood association madam
JUX-104 Rumi Yoshizawa - Attractive tragedy breast milk widow
JUX-105 Tamaki Nakaoka - Beautiful wife raped by father-in-law
JUX-106 Reiko Kobayakawa - Office lady humiliation
JUX-107 Nanako Mori - Bondage madam ashamed fair
JUX-108 Misato - Hot springs of madam
JUX-109 Mari Yonezaki - Indecent 50-years-old madam teacher
JUX-110 Mami Shirai - Duty nurse AV debut

JUX-111 Yuko Shiraki - Rape festival
JUX-112 Natsuko Shinomiya - My wife's friend
JUX-113 Anna Noma - Stepmother started a house cleaning
JUX-114 Reiko Makihara - Erotic aunty temptation
JUX-115 Chihiro Akino - Someone else's wife gang rape
JUX-116 Yuria Ashina - My sister-in-law moved in today
JUX-117 Ihara Shiori - Senior's beauty mother
JUX-118 Natsume Inagawa - Bondage slave mother
JUX-119 Ryo Hitomi & Yumi Kazama - The forbidden mellow fruit
JUX-120 Miku Hasegawa - I can't stop thinking about your torture & rape

JUX-121 Angelina - The someone else's wife female teacher
JUX-122 Ai Komori - Guilt betrayed husband
JUX-123 Eriko Miura - Someone else's wife
JUX-124 Nana Aida - Chastity belt of Mrs. Hiso
JUX-125 Mio Takahashi - Pure anal contaminated
JUX-126 Sayuri Ikumai - My aunt is staying overnight at my apartment
JUX-127 Tamaki Nakaoka - Temptation sister-in-law
JUX-128 Hisae Yabe - My mother's friend
JUX-129 Mayumi - Hot springs madam
JUX-130 Noriko Igarashi - Beautiful body conscious & glamorous

JUX-131 Yuko Shiraki - Love the black cocks
JUX-132 Yuki Kanno - Forbidden love affair
JUX-133 Kanon Takigawa - Beautiful wife is sex slave to father-in-law
JUX-134 Wakaba Onoue - Young wife home alone
JUX-135 Nanami Hisadai - Failure as a mother
JUX-136 Reiko Kobayakawa - My father's steady
JUX-137 Yoshimi Miyazaki - Mother lost for son's desire
JUX-138 Emika Sakuragi - Infertile examination clinic
JUX-139 Ryo Hitomi - Friend's wife - The lonely bird in cage
JUX-140 Angelina - 5 days sweet memories

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Jul 15, 2012
thank you for another stellar post. i guess i'll need to pick up another hard drive.


May 7, 2009
This is amazing and awesome!
How large is your total collection you intend to upload? We're already at 0.6TB.