Lost Torrent List in utorrent 3.5.3


SLF Refugee
May 20, 2016
Holy Crap my torrent list disappeared...thousands of torrents

I've googled and tried the recommended solution of going to the appdata and manually clicking each torrent...but it's too slow and there are other problems with old torrents

Damm old session file got replaced too, so I can't restore from that....

Does anyone know another fix ?
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Akiba Citizen
May 10, 2009
You could try to select all the torrents(click the first one and press shift + end) and press enter to open them all at once, there's a chance it might work or there's a chance utorrent or windows won't like thousands opening at one and crash. If it can't handle it, try with less and do multiple batches, still gonna be faster than one by one if it can actually open more than 1 at a time.

While you need to redo everything anyway, I would suggest using qbittorrent instead(or having a look at it at least) of the now bloated utorrent since you can just reopen everything in that one in the same way(assuming it works) and it doesn't come with a ton of garbage most people don't want like with utorrent since they changed it from a super lightweight client to a huge mess.

Haven't looked at utorrent in years so could have gone back to being good though, no clue.