[Linux] SopCast App TV-Maxe 0.10 Released, Adds Option To Bypass Blocked Ports, More


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Aug 29, 2013

... TV-Maxe is an application that allows you to watch
TV online via different streams, such as SopCast
(but not only).

The application features HTTP / infrared remote
control support, multiple playback backends
(GStreamer, VLC and MPlayer), schedule manager
and more.

TV-Maxe comes with two TV channel lists be default
an international list and a Romanian TV channel list
but more lists are available on its wiki
(for Bulgaria, China, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany
Greece, Hungary, Moldova, Norway, Russia and Spain
along with some unofficial lists for UK, France, Brazil, etc.).

And of course, you can add custom channels as well.

TV-Maxe For Ubuntu 14.04


Full Screen To View Details

TVMaxe - TV Online For Linux (For Example For Ubuntu 14.04)

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