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Lena Fukiishi 吹石れな or RENA FUKIISHI 真崎美里

Discussion in 'Idol Discussion' started by chrisfallout, Jul 15, 2016.

  1. chrisfallout

    chrisfallout Member

    so i get two different names Lena Fukiishi 吹石れな or RENA FUKIISHI 真崎美里 which one is it

    ddm says Lena Fukiishi 吹石れな


    asianscreens say RENA FUKIISHI 真崎美里

    want opinion from this site

  2. Death Metal

    Death Metal Burning Knuckle

    It is always going to sound like 'Re' but you will never know if the intention was to be 'Le' or indeed 'Re' because 'Le' does not exist, so it's replaced with 'Re' in japanese. Like 'love' (the english word) is typically written as 'rabu' to sound like something near it.

    (Japanese speakers, is this an accurate explanation?)