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Leaked (unmosaiced) vids listing (first post will be updated ad infinitum)

Discussion in 'JAV Discussion' started by ding73ding, Oct 23, 2018.

  1. jiggawhat12

    jiggawhat12 New Member

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  2. vimana456

    vimana456 Akiba Citizen

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  3. Seedlovers

    Seedlovers Provehito In Altum

    I'm sorry for asking this, but can you guys also post the English name? A little bit confusing for me since I'm not Japanese and obviously can't read Japanese. Again, sorry if I sound rude.
  4. vimana456

    vimana456 Akiba Citizen

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  5. Magicsauc3

    Magicsauc3 Loli Connoisseur

    With JAV stuff you can always keep track of things by their product code. There's a pretty robust system in their industry for sorting titles.
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  6. broadbandz

    broadbandz Active Member

    1534623 【初流出】三喜本のぞみ【削除必須】某メーカーからの流出作品①【ZIP付】
  7. vimana456

    vimana456 Akiba Citizen

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  8. vimana456

    vimana456 Akiba Citizen

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  9. vimana456

    vimana456 Akiba Citizen

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  10. gonzaimon

    gonzaimon New Member

    So guys, do we have Aika Yumeno's leak already? or all the vids shared and spread everywhere is a "decensored" via AI or some other ML shit things? not a real leak?

    Can anyone help to confirm ?
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  11. fleabix

    fleabix New Member

    looks like its the AI decensored. https://kissjav.com/search/video/?s=Aika+Yumeno
  12. Asian4Life00

    Asian4Life00 Active Member

    anyone got a list of actually real unleak?
  13. Magicsauc3

    Magicsauc3 Loli Connoisseur

    Just go thru this thread honestly, it's the simplest solution and you get the added bonus of comments that can help you make sense of things.
    but yeah like 90% of the "uncensored" you can find is the javplayer stuff.
    One tip I've noticed is that if it says "uncensored" in the title it's probably not a true leak. The actual leaks have more cryptic titles and often come from FC2.
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  14. gingergauge

    gingergauge Member

    I don't think I've seen any S1 studio (SSNI/SNSI) vids yet that are really leaked/uncensored. It's all been javplayer generated.

    If actual leaked vids of Aika Yumeno or Yua Mikami came out, it would probably break the internet ... and I'd be so happy I'd probably pass out.
  15. gonzaimon

    gonzaimon New Member

    Thanks guys,

    I actually surprised when got one of the torrent, I already think it's a AI decensored since the quality and the blur, but to just confirm everything and make sure it I need to ask from community.

    Anyway, yes it's also make me wondering why if it's a real leaks, why not break the internet. But, since I really busy recently and not active in internet, I just afraid I miss out it.

    once again, thanks a lot guys :)
  16. vimana456

    vimana456 Akiba Citizen

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  17. broadbandz

    broadbandz Active Member

    there has been s1 leaks. just older videos dating back 10 yrs. These directors are no longer in porn so offload their master copies on fc2.
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  18. grisa

    grisa Akiba Citizen

    Sweet zombie jesus! Yume Kana's MXGS-812 uncensored leak is a blessing. Unlike most other, which are either fragments (whole scene at best), kinda western style routine penetration complemented by bad acting, or featuring to me not very attractive performers, this one has a cutie (in 2014 least) and the title is one of her more interesting ones, with the topic of surprise fuck and bukkake. I nutted at 2nd position of 1st scene, so not sure how the theme will evolve though. This is a connoisseur keep, so I will cherish it for a while. She has to my tastes rather average looking pussy, but important bits are cleanly shaved. Also quality of even 9GB rip is great compared to many wannabe FullHD ones that look liked upscaled from VHS. ;)
  19. wheeeee

    wheeeee ~.~

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  20. wheeeee

    wheeeee ~.~

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