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[lamonae] Cream Lemon - 18 - White Shadow

Discussion in 'Hentai Anime Torrents' started by elgringo14, Jun 17, 2012.

  1. elgringo14

    elgringo14 Survived to Japan Super Moderator

    Hello folks,

    #lamonae@irc.rizon.net rises once again from the grave to offer you the latest release of the Cream Lemon saga. White Shadow is the first episode going into horror/fantasy themes. Mami, a rhythmic gymnastic trainee, got offered a mysterious pendant by one of her friend, Shouta (not Shota lol). She is behaving strange since then, especially on the horny side. What will happen to her and to her close relationships?

    This episode was picked up by some american company and published in the "Brothers Grime" (sic) collection. This went together with two other episodes (Madol and Dark, coming soon :eek:) and published as the "Pandora" trilogy. Rall and Star Trap got separate releases in the same collection. Normally this means all explicit shots are uncensored, see our Star Trap release if you don't believe it :p.
    But in the case of White Shadow, so many edits were done that it is not possible to completely uncensor it... Anyway we did our best to remove censorship, so enjoy the result and see you next time!

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