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北出菜奈 Kitade Nana - Discography (2003-2009) [mp3@VBR]

Discussion in 'Music Torrents' started by Ceewan, Dec 9, 2013.

  1. Ceewan

    Ceewan Famished

    Nana Kitade is a Japanese singer-songwriter and musician. In addition to being the lead singer of the Rock band, The Teenage Kissers, she has had success as a solo artist, model, actress, and fashion designer. Kitade is particularly known for her songs appearances in various anime, TV shows, doramas and movie opening and endings. Kitade was featured on the cover of the Gothic & Lolita Bible, as well as featured in NEO and Kera magazines. She has toured all over Asia, Europe, and North America.


    Genre...........: JRock,JPop
    Quality..........: mp3 128-320 kbps
    Size...........: 731 MB


    2005 - 18-Eighteen (avg. bitrate: 192kbps)
    2006 - Cutie Bunny (avg. bitrate: 320kbps)
    2006 - I scream (avg. bitrate: 192kbps)
    2007 - Berry Berry SINGLES (avg. bitrate: 320kbps)
    2009 - Bondage (avg. bitrate: 320kbps)


    2003 - Kesenai Tsumi
    2003 - Kesenai Tsumi ~raw "breath" track~
    2004 - Utareru Ame
    2004 - Hold Heart
    2004 - Pureness/Nanairo
    2005 - KISS or KISS
    2005 - Kanashimi no Kizu
    2006 - SLAVE of KISS
    2006 - Kibou no Kakera
    2007 - Antoinette Blue

    This of course only includes her work up to 2009 and not anything after. Nana is currently with the band The Teenage Kissers. All credit for this not so well seeded but otherwise excellent torrent goes to the original uploader, whoever that was......

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  2. chantelo

    chantelo New Member

    thank you
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