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FileJoker Exclusive [JMovie] Yasukuni (2008)

Discussion in 'Movie Downloads' started by MrSound, Mar 12, 2019.

  1. MrSound

    MrSound Well-Known Member

    Alternate Titles: 靖国


    The film looks at the history of Yasukuni Shrine in Chiyoda, Tokyo, where more than 2 million of Japan's war dead are enshrined. More than 1,000 of them are war criminals convicted at the 1946–48 Tokyo tribunal, including 14 Class-A war criminals, Hideki Tōjō among them. The film shows not only the widely reported political incidents associated with the shrine, but also takes an in-depth look at the shrine's sword-making tradition, the Yasukuni sword being the film's underlying motif.

    Yasukuni-1.avi_snapshot_22.48. Yasukuni-1.avi_snapshot_52.19. Yasukuni-2.avi_snapshot_00.18.51. Yasukuni-2.avi_snapshot_00.52.28.

    Released: 18 Jan 2008 (11 years ago)
    Runtime: 122 Mins
    Languages: Japanese
    Directed By: Ying Li Takahiro Nakamura
    Actors: Naoharu Kariya Jun'ichirô Hayashi

    Rip Type DVDRip
    Video Quality SD
    Video Resolution Unknown
    Audio Japanese

    57min 17s - 697 MB - AVI - 576x304:
    1h 5min - 696 MB - AVI - 576x304:

    Yasukuni-1_thumb. Yasukuni-2_thumb.
    Yasukuni.part1.rar (500.0 Mb)
    Yasukuni.part2.rar (500.0 Mb)
    Yasukuni.part3.rar (392.6 Mb)
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