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FileJoker Exclusive [JMovie] The Human Vapor (1960)

Discussion in 'Movie Downloads' started by MrSound, Jul 2, 2020.

  1. MrSound

    MrSound Well-Known Member

    The Human Vapor-. The Human Vapor.mkv_snapshot_00.27.59_[2020.06.26_17.48.21]. The Human Vapor.mkv_snapshot_00.46.02_[2020.06.26_17.48.28]. The Human Vapor.mkv_snapshot_00.57.47_[2020.06.26_17.48.35]. The Human Vapor.mkv_snapshot_00.59.59_[2020.06.26_17.48.39]. The Human Vapor.mkv_snapshot_01.28.12_[2020.06.26_17.48.51]. The Human Vapor_thumb.

    Alternate Titles: ガス人間第一号 una nube di terrore gasu ningen dai 1 gô

    A librarian is subject to a scientific experiment which goes wrong and transforms him into 'The Human Vapour'. He uses his new ability to rob banks to fund the career of his girlfriend, a beautiful dancer. The Human Vapour is ruthless in his quest for money and kills anyone who stands in his way, especially police. He soon becomes Tokyo's most wanted criminal. Can he be stopped before he kills again?

    Released: 11 Dec 1960 (59 years ago)
    Runtime: 91 Mins
    Genre: Drama Thriller Crime Science Fiction Romance Countries: Japan Languages: Japanese
    Directed By: Ishirō Honda Kôji Kajita
    Actors: Yoshio Tsuchiya Kaoru Yachigusa Tatsuya Mihashi Keiko Sata Bokuzen Hidari Yoshifumi Tajima Hisaya Itô Tatsuo Matsumura Fuyuki Murakami Yoshio Kosugi Ko Mishima Takamaru Sasaki

    1h 31min - 1.58 GB - Matroska - 714x352:

    Internal: English

    The_Human_Vapor.part1.rar (350.0 Mb)
    The_Human_Vapor.part2.rar (350.0 Mb)
    The_Human_Vapor.part3.rar (350.0 Mb)
    The_Human_Vapor.part4.rar (350.0 Mb)
    The_Human_Vapor.part5.rar (216.1 Mb)