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FileJoker Exclusive [JMovie] Au revoir l'été (2013) [Eng Subs]

Discussion in 'Movie Downloads' started by MrSound, Mar 1, 2019.

  1. MrSound

    MrSound Well-Known Member

    Alternate Titles: ほとりの朔子

    Au revoir.

    3 years on from hospitalité, Kiki Sugino and Koji Fukada are back again with this socially-conscious film about a 18-year-old girl in-between adolescence and adulthood who spends a summer in a valley and enjoys romance. Sakuko, a 18-year-old girl studying for her university entrance exams, decides to accompany her aunt Mikie on a trip to a seaside town. There she befriends Takashi, a refugee from Fukushima who has dropped out of high school and works at a motel run by Ukichi, a friend of Mikie. In-between childhood and adulthood, Sakuko starts to understand the difficulties of becoming an adult.

    Au Revoir Lete.mkv_snapshot_00.07.07. Au Revoir Lete.mkv_snapshot_00.23.04. Au Revoir Lete.mkv_snapshot_00.38.19. Au Revoir Lete.mkv_snapshot_01.11.11. Au Revoir Lete.mkv_snapshot_01.31.20. Au Revoir Lete.mkv_snapshot_01.46.36.

    Released: 19 Oct 2013 (5 years ago)
    Runtime: 124 Mins
    Genre: Drama Countries: Japan Languages: Japanese
    Directed By: Kōji Fukada
    Actors: Fumi Nikaido Mayu Tsuruta Taiga Kanji Furutachi Tadashi Otake Ena Koshino Kiki Sugino Makiko Watanabe Kotaro Shiga Hiroko Matsuda Kazuhiro Sôda

    Rip Type DVDRip
    Video Quality SD
    Video Resolution Unknown
    Audio Japanese

    Internal: English

    2h 0min - 912 MB - Matroska - 720x540:

    Au Revoir Lete_thumb.
    Au_Revoir_Lete.mkv.part1.rar (400.0 Mb)
    Au_Revoir_Lete.mkv.part2.rar (400.0 Mb)
    Au_Revoir_Lete.mkv.part3.rar (112.1 Mb)
  2. cmf17

    cmf17 New Member

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