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FileJoker Exclusive [JMovie 18+] Women Hell Song (1970)

Discussion in 'Movie Downloads' started by MrSound, Jan 4, 2021.

  1. MrSound

    MrSound Well-Known Member

    Women Hell Song-. Wom-en H-ell S-ong.mkv_snapshot_00.04.51_[2021.01.04_08.06.12]. Wom-en H-ell S-ong.mkv_snapshot_00.10.59_[2021.01.04_08.06.19]. Wom-en H-ell S-ong.mkv_snapshot_00.18.39_[2021.01.04_08.06.25]. Wom-en H-ell S-ong.mkv_snapshot_00.26.46_[2021.01.04_08.06.31]. Wom-en H-ell S-ong.mkv_snapshot_00.42.25_[2021.01.04_08.06.47]. Wom-en H-ell S-ong.mkv_snapshot_00.58.22_[2021.01.04_08.06.56]. Wom-en H-ell S-ong.mkv_snapshot_01.08.03_[2021.01.04_08.07.08]. Wom-en H-ell S-ong_thumb.

    Alternate Titles: おんな地獄唄 尺八弁天

    The roaming outlaw Okayo, also known as Benten due to the prominent tattoo of the Buddhist Goddess of Love emblazoned across her back. On the run from her persecutors, who seek to claim the tattoo and its skin canvas as a bounty, Okayo finds a safe haven in the arms of the mysterious shakuhachi (bamboo flute) playing Seigaku, himself tattooed with the image of Kisshoten, the Goddess of Prosperity.

    Released: 01 Dec 1970 (50 years ago)
    Runtime: 69 Mins
    Countries: Japan Languages: Japanese
    Directed By: Mamoru Watanabe
    Actors: Tamaki Katori Jiro Kokubu Noriko Tatsumi Rima Aoyama Shinji Hino Jun Yoshida Masayoshi Nogami Shûsaku Mutô

    1h 15min - 432 MB - Matroska - 848x336:

    Wom-en_H-ell_S-ong.part1.rar (200.0 Mb)
    Wom-en_H-ell_S-ong.part2.rar (200.0 Mb)
    Wom-en_H-ell_S-ong.part3.rar (32.4 Mb)