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FileJoker Exclusive [JMovie 18+] The Now Girl [BluRay] (1972)

Discussion in 'Movie Downloads' started by MrSound, Oct 15, 2020.

  1. MrSound

    MrSound Well-Known Member

    The Now Girl-. The Now Girl-1. The Now Girl-2. The Now Girl-3. The Now Girl-4. The Now Girl-5.
    Alternate Titles: 昼下りの情事 裏窓 ひるさがりのじょうじ うらまど

    For a girl who works in a 3rd rate bar, Ayuko is full of vanity. Nomura, her patron, is besotted by her and it is their habit that they cannot reach a climax unless they peek at a couple, across the way, making love. Intent on climbing up in the world, Ayuko uses all her wiles to get her patron, who is putty in her hands, to move her from her grubby apartment house to a dreamboat of a place. She then tries to find a place to work more befitting her new home but all the elite night clubs will have nothing to do with her and with time heavy on her hands, the devil finds mischief for idle hands to do...

    Released: 18 Nov 1972 (47 years ago)
    Runtime: 73 Mins
    Countries: Japan Languages: Japanese
    Directed By: Kazuhiko Hasegawa Shôgorô Nishimura
    Actors: Kazuko Shirakawa Junko Miyashita Keiko Aikawa Akemi Yamaguchi Yoko Oyagi Chigusa Takayama Sumiko Minami Eijiro Minato Hajime Tanimoto Taiji Tonoyama

    Rip Type BluRay Raw
    Video Quality 1080p
    Video Resolution Unknown

    Internal: English Japanese

    The_Now_Girl.part01.rar (1950.0 Mb)
    The_Now_Girl.part02.rar (1950.0 Mb)
    The_Now_Girl.part03.rar (1950.0 Mb)
    The_Now_Girl.part04.rar (1950.0 Mb)
    The_Now_Girl.part05.rar (1950.0 Mb)
    The_Now_Girl.part06.rar (1950.0 Mb)
    The_Now_Girl.part07.rar (1950.0 Mb)
    The_Now_Girl.part08.rar (1950.0 Mb)
    The_Now_Girl.part09.rar (1950.0 Mb)
    The_Now_Girl.part10.rar (1950.0 Mb)
    The_Now_Girl.part11.rar (1950.0 Mb)
    The_Now_Girl.part12.rar (1001.0 Mb)