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Oct 4, 2018
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Alternate Titles: SEX予備軍 狂い咲き 夜にほほよせ yoru ni hohoyose

Debut film from manga artist Seiichi Hayashi. A boy and a girl from the same hometown reunite in the big city and sleep together one night. But, the girl reveals the following day that she is engaged to someone else...

Released: 25 Apr 1973 (47 years ago)
Runtime: 67 Mins
Genre: Drama Languages: Japanese
Directed By: Seiichi Hayashi
Actors: Jōji Ichimura Tetsu Kashiwa Ruwi Hayama Genpei Akasegawa

1h 7min - 2.35 GB - Matroska - 1920x1080:

Internal: English

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