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Akiba Citizen
Oct 4, 2018
No Love Juice-.jpg No Lo-ve J-uice Rus-tling In Be-d.mkv_snapshot_15.06_[2021.01.31_16.16.19].jpg No Lo-ve J-uice Rus-tling In Be-d.mkv_snapshot_22.10_[2021.01.31_16.16.42].jpg No Lo-ve J-uice Rus-tling In Be-d.mkv_snapshot_29.49_[2021.01.31_16.16.47].jpg No Lo-ve J-uice Rus-tling In Be-d.mkv_snapshot_36.34_[2021.01.31_16.17.03].jpg No Lo-ve J-uice Rus-tling In Be-d.mkv_snapshot_38.34_[2021.01.31_16.17.17].jpg No Lo-ve J-uice Rus-tling In Be-d_thumb.jpg

Alternate Titles: olの愛汁 ラブジュース ol no aijiru: rabu jûsu

“When 28-year-old Tomomi is dumped by her boyfriend she seeks solace in the arms of 20-year-old student, Takao. A relationship develops through which Takao comes of age sexually and Tomomi discovers a side to love she has previously not known.”

Released: 26 Feb 1999 (21 years ago)
Runtime: 57 Mins
Genre: Drama Romance Countries: Japan Languages: Japanese
Directed By: Yûji Tajiri
Actors: Yumika Hayashi Yuka Komatsu Atsumi Kubota Mikio Satô Yuji Sawayama Tôru Morinaga

58min 24s - 403 MB - Matroska - 720x400:

Internal: English

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