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Akiba Citizen
Oct 4, 2018
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Alternate Titles: Jyouou Virgin Movie

Chizuru, rookie cabaret Miss CLUB “Red Dragon”. In the store, with a legend that earned 10 million yen overnight, led by Luna sales No.1, with the aim of Nagisa NO.2, a senior cast us “apex” of such as Yuna, fierce battle a it was waging. Bullying, betrayal, revenge. While each of facing the past and present, a woman who tries to Ikinuko desperately in the night of the world. There is also such as the advice of Misako of education clerk, Chizuru to go stretch steadily sales. Meanwhile, she is ” magic hands ” was trying to Shinobiyoro .

Released: 15 Dec 2014 (6 years ago)
Runtime: 71 Mins
Genre: Drama Adult Countries: Japan Languages: Japanese

1h 11min - 1.93 GB - Matroska - 1280x720:

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