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[Jingrock] Love Letter (Complete) [English]

Discussion in 'Translated Hentai Manga Torrents' started by Robot_X, Sep 21, 2013.

  1. Robot_X

    Robot_X Akiba Citizen

    Other manga.

    Shared by vindictae

    Love Letter complete! Old chapters have been Re-edited by me using the tankoubon scans.
    Translation credits:
    Playing with brother(color pages): ezlifee
    Love Letter Ch. 1-3: Yoroshii
    Love Letter Ch. 4 and prologue :ezlifee
    Encode!: Yoroshii
    Onee-chan Nanka Daikirai!!: Yoroshii
    Rori Kyonyuu Mama Ch. 1: Yoroshii
    Rori Kyonyuu Mama Ch. 2 SGC
    Futari de Houkago: Rhapfan
    Futari de Escape: Yoroshii
    It's finally done!
    Thanks to everyone who contributed to the bounty, and to ezlifee for taking the bounty and tranlating the rest!
    Enjoy :abyss:

    Attached Files:

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