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JAVa - JAV organizer! - Downloads covers and sorts your JAV

Discussion in 'Other Downloads' started by Roflmayonaise, Oct 20, 2015.

  1. Roflmayonaise

    Roflmayonaise New Member

    This is a small program which will fetch cover, actors and genre for your javs. It will then organize it into a folder where you can easily browse.

    I appreciate feedback!




    Instructions (Windows only)
    1. Open JAVa.jar
    2. Put in your main directory with your javs
    3. Click start
    4. Watch the magic

    When finished you'll have a folder within the specified folder called 'JAVa Organized' where you can find these folders:

    By Cast:

    By Genre:

    By Code:
    Last edited: Oct 20, 2015
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  2. SamKook

    SamKook Akiba Citizen Uploader

    I had a few questions on what exactly is the magic that's happening since there's no way I would ever run something automated that could mess up the way I organize my collection and a few questions on some scenarios that might cause problems.

    -Does it change anything in the source folder(D:\Jav in your example) or does it simply create shortcuts to the video files in the newly created JAVa Organized folder?

    -Where is the cover saved? In the Archive folder and there's a shortcut in each of the 3 sorting?

    -Would it work if the video files are all on their own folders already? All my JAV movies are in their own folder named after the DVD code so I'm wondering if it would work at all with my collection.

    -What happens if it encounters a movie that has the same DVD code as another? As a concrete example, I have LES-007 by Lesbian Tokyo, but there's also one that exist by Piero.

    -Can it handle multiple copies of the same video? I encoded quite a few myself and I keep different versions of the same movie(one mkv, one mp4 and one avi most of the time).
    Am I correct in assuming it will simply add a shortcut for each if it's supported? Is it the same if a movie is separated in multiple parts(I have some movies that are separated in up to 8 parts)?

    -How is the video detected? I'm assuming the file name has to contain some specific information so what are the limitation there?
    For example, if a file name doesn't specify the dvd-code and has other information like the codec, resolution, maker or other stuff like that in addition to the title(assuming it would work with only the title), is it able to separate the information and if so, does it have to be separated by something like brackets or parenthesis?
    If it works only by dvd code, does it support with and without the - in the middle and does it also work if it's separated by an _ instead of the -?
    Also, if a 0 is omitted, for example SCN-22 instead of SCN-022, does it try to fix it, consider it wrong or does it rely on javlibrary results?

    -Last question(hopefully), how does it handle movies that can't be found in the library? Are they simply ignored or is there a list somewhere that specify which couldn't be found(for example a _Not_found folder in the 3 categories that would contain a shortcut to them so they can still be played only by using the sorted system)? For example, I have one video that I never managed to identify so I highly doubt your program could.
  3. Roflmayonaise

    Roflmayonaise New Member

    Love the questions, I might've been too loose on the details.

    If you're afraid of the program, simply try it out with a couple of videos you copy to a folder away from your main to see what happens.

    It doesn't touch the source at all, it only creates shortcuts to them, as you said.
    The actual cover image is saved in the 'Archive' folder and in the 3 other folders it is just shortcuts, to avoid redundant data.
    Videos have to have the code in the name, but it doesn't have to be just the code.
    Valid filenames:
    • RCT-681.mp4
    • 3xHen.com.41129l.E.BHSP001.mkv (BHSP001 is the code)
    • ktkx071.part1.avi
    If the full code is not present in the filename, it will not be able to do anything for that video. Maybe in the future I'll introduce folder names as well, but that havn't been the case for my 700+ files.

    If it encounters a duplicate it will only link to the first one, same if the encoding/extension is different.
    If the video is split into parts, like XXX001.part1.mp4, it will link to the first one.
    I could easily have it link to each file with the same code, this might be in the next version.

    If there's a identical code to two different movies it will use the first result from javlibrary ( see http://www.javlibrary.com/en/vl_searchbyid.php?keyword=LES-007, in this case it will pick the one by Piero )

    The code in the filename doesn't have to be enclosed in anything specific But lets say the name is XRCT100, it will then search for XRCT instead of the valid RCT. I assume filenames are named somewhat reasonable.
    The current version detect XXX-000 and XXX000, but not with an underscore. Again, this could easily be added if needed, but there's not one case of this in my library.

    It will search on javlibrary as the code is named in the file and luckily javlibrary is clever in that way. les007 and les7 will return the same result.

    At the moment, it doesn't have a '_Not_found' folder, but I plan on introducing this along with a duplicate folder.
    If the code isn't on javlibrary, it won't do anything about it.
  4. javhoarding

    javhoarding Member

    This is amazing and I am very glad you did this, personally I have been trying to get something like this made for awhile, I have a few coders on retainer for various things and have this project as a back- burner.

    I wonder if you can clarify the following and maybe open the source to ad features if not already addressed or planned:

    1) how many folders deep can this scan go? Most of my collection is already between 1 and 5 folders deep, nominally 3 but there are exceptions. (studio code/title/file) but sometimes there are extras cause they DL that way and just no time to check them all.

    2) how does this handle scanning for changes in an already scanned directory? If I scan my now 7 TB collection, it's going to take awhile. It may even hang or time out or crash javlibrary. In that case will it resume or start from the beginning if I run it again? also, as I continue to ad files to my library will I have to re-run it from scratch or can I ignore files that are already sorted?

    I would like to take something like this and add a database to it so that files can get a personal rating from the collector, and also be bookmarked for highlights and favorite parts, perhaps with an online sync option to fetch other users bookmarks and recommended similar titles.
  5. jpkyuu

    jpkyuu New Member

    I like the idea but it crashed my cpu by produceing over 600 threads after 5mins while doing the 52 from nearly 921 movies. It opens the next task before the last one finished. Is it only me or is someone having the same issues? Hope of improving this project, i really need to organize my 6TB :(
  6. Roflmayonaise

    Roflmayonaise New Member

    Sorry I havn't responded in a while, I stopped checking after a few weeks of no response. Was hoping for more users/feedback.

    It will scan infinitely deep.
    The current version doesn't recognize previously scanned archives, there is some code for it but it's just not hooked up. But it's definitely a possibility and most likely will be the next feature.

    You have some good ideas, I've also thought on some of them. A likely scenario would be to have a web interface where you could easily browse your whole library, search and favorite.

    I just finished making a Chrome extension that finds all JAV codes on a page and attaches a download link to Javjunkies, super useful. Check it out here
    In the end I'd love a solution where the extension knows what files you have locally so it can mark them.

    Hmm, that sounds strange. Where do you see it creates this many threads? I'm quite convinced it will only do 2 threads total.
    Last edited: Jan 10, 2016
  7. jpkyuu

    jpkyuu New Member

    It looks like this:
  8. nadsrsnug

    nadsrsnug New Member

    Hello, I have very many different JAV's, many work perfect with this JAVa, a VERY nice program, something I have wanted for some time, looking for a programmer too. But the main problem, maybe because I am way to new at this, is more of my collection cannot be found than can be .. they are not in the JAVlibrary library or other main libraries. I tried using the javmoviescraper.jar that works similar, but your seems to work faster and must cleaner. Is there a way to be able to custom write a "scraper" for a particular site that houses javs that have an extended library outside of javlibrary? A good example would be http://aidol.asia, just to be able to be way out there and not be just the traditional javs. I would tend to believe that javlibrary is an actual library, but I won't know unless I try to ask and hope to get a good answer :). I just want to be able to get good information for the JAV's I have .. just not the name of the JAV. Would be nice to get the cd, actress name, etc.
  9. iatemonkey

    iatemonkey New Member

    Been using this for a while and have got to say it's fantastic. Thanks.
  10. iwillbeban

    iwillbeban Active Member

    Bravo... Can't use it though since I always use my phone for my JAV but still, I love how you thought of almost every detail. The world needs more people like you. :)
  11. granatnik

    granatnik Akiba Citizen

    I came by this thread by accident and I'm wondering about one important thing, that is certainly not answered by the lack of both documentation and source code. Right at the beginning there is:
    Does this mean that this runs Google and scrapes its output?
  12. HestiaKami

    HestiaKami New Member

    Firstly great job.But i have problem. How i see downloaded covers? Covers not download...
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  13. LoliKing25

    LoliKing25 Active Member

    I have a few problems with this, but I also offer solutions.

    A.) I have many series with the same ID as other series and titles, so that is a problem I could potentially handle by just taking the ones I know are like that, and doing those by hand

    B.) They might get the wrong covers. I suppose I could go into each folder and make sure its correct, but that would take even longer than If I continued to find covers manually.

    Anyway, I would like to thank you for this. I will try and use it when I come across a large series of JAVs (like DVDMS) and get titles through it.
  14. LoliKing25

    LoliKing25 Active Member

    Alright. I tried it, and this is my one thought:

    Most Covers don't download.
  15. CoolKevin

    CoolKevin Nutcase on the loose Staff Member Super Moderator

    the author of this thread has not been online for 6 months, and he never really answered many questions