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JAV with Impregnation/Insemination Theme

Discussion in 'JAV Discussion' started by loleechero, Oct 31, 2012.

  1. loleechero

    loleechero Active Member

    We can see that Impregnation/insemination are BEYOND creampie. Its the 'ultimate fate' of it.:perfectplan:
    I think Impregnation are the most 'normal' fetish out there.

    For sex stories material, impregnation is very common, to the point a whole community website dedicated for it.

    It's pretty common theme in hentai.
    In hentai, cross section/xray view (where man's penis clearly shown to ejaculate into girl's womb) is common, even to the point where the sperm piercing girls' eggs scene.:surprised:

    Creampie JAV are common, but 'impregnation' is quite rare. :abandoned:

    it's quite different genre, IMHO where creampie theme are emphasize at 'barebacking sex' where impregnation theme more focused at 'the act of sex where the girl got pregnant'.
    In hentai, usually the girl (forced or willingly) got sex with their partners and got pregnant as the end of the story.

    That's all just fantasy, of course, in the real life, the actress will surely got BIG problem.:dotdotdot:

    Anyone float the same boat?
    Any recommendation?


    My Current List
    (I'll expand it in the future, with some review)
    Most of these AV are already here (use search)

    SOD Create
    SDMT-736, SDMT-631, SDMT-796

    These are IMHO the best
    the scene where the girl waiting and examining her ovulation day (!) are feels particularly kinky see (([url]http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Basal_body_temperature[/url]))
    these series also portrayed "the ultimate cuckold" where the girl got impregnated with unknown men's seed.
    the actress are beautiful, their expressions are quite natural, and overall IMHO feels real, down to the smallest detail, (except for SDMT-796).
    worth mentioned
    This AV is more oriented to NTR/netorare genre, but what I like is that the actress are beautiful, their expressions are surprisingly natural, and the background (messy room, unfinished meal, their child's toy, etc.) are IMHO pretty authentic
    NON (No Name)
    YSN 100% Haramasetai (100% want to impregnate) series.
    Each vid have quite different plot, notably:
    YSN-269, YSN-294, YSN-265

    They have AV actress worked for 'fan appreciation day', where the 'fan' got chance for sex with the actress for several days. 
    But her 'fan' is cream inside actress', which is didn't  excpeted by her ("it's not in my contract"; "I'll call my manager first" "where's the condom?", etc.). This scene is usually use 'hidden camera' POV. The actress forced to do creampie anyway, but she's given 'morning after pill'.
    Plot continues with forced gangbang (in some they funneled their cum directly into her vag)
    At the end, they showed the actress that the 'pill' that she's used all along has been swapped with useless vitamin by the staff, and they said: "Get healthy for the baby" or like.
    "Asian Insemination with Funnel"
    This one is certainly from YSN "100%Haramasetai" series, but I've forgotten it :p. You can Google it, of course (with exact keywords as above)

    Basically it's a schoolgirl rape. They hold her legs spread upside down, put large funnel into her vag, and several men start to ejaculate into her
    At the end, the actress showed positive pregnancy test.
    YSN 309
    This is nowhere to be found. In DMM's preview (I suspected) there's scene where they use some kind of pregnancy test/ovulation tester/thermometer
    Tokyo Hot
    notably: n0787 (Idol Womb Creampie), n0777 (Pregnancy mechanism), n0781, n0785

    Basically forced impregnation gangbang/rape (with dirty talk such as "Here! get pregnant!")
    The nice thing is they are uncensored, speculum scene where we got nice view of actress' cervix (with NO contraceptive devices)
    they also got their specially modified camera which show INSIDE the actress' vag up to their cervix. this scene always followed by several man ejaculate DIRECTLY to her cervix.
    But the act performed are obviously fake, their camera keeps flashing a lot :( the girls are cute, though.
    worth mentioning
    Old "P*ssy Bukkake" Scene from Queen8's JAV
    (just Google it, it's quite a lot of it)
    They do bukkake, but directed into the actress' widely spread open p*ssy. At the end, those accumulated cum are funneled deep down to the actress' p*ssy.
    Sadly, they say nothing about what are they doing, just like another bukkake 
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  2. CodeGeek

    CodeGeek Akiba Citizen

    Thank you a lot. Your list is very helpful. Yes, in Hentai movies it is common, but not in JAV it seems.

    I only know seem rape movies from Attackers in which the raped woman gets pregnant at the end: SHKD-344, SHKD-379, SHKD-424
    As I haven't seen all movies of that studio / series I assume that there maybe a few more.
    adiwal00, rweimar and @javfan@ like this.
  3. CFUD

    CFUD Member

    The VENU production code with the "wife getting raped theme".
    Last scene's always nakadashi.

    Also most SHKD stuff.
  4. loleechero

    loleechero Active Member

    OK, I'll check those recommendation

    Impregnation IMHO is the best when coupled with Netorare/cuckold, or rape/unwilling theme.
    And yes, it is WEIRD that there's only several impreg AVs around. They should make more (maybe that's related to Japanese birth rate decline? :exhausted:
    IMO It's easy enough to make, its natural, than those 'weird' BDSM, bestiality, scat, or another unmentionable fetish.

    There's been several others around, but it highly improbable and obviously fake. Somewhat that's just turn me off.

    Some list:
    Kikenbi Neratte! Haramase Gakuen.
    This one from H Game. The plot is quite straightforward (the title have it all: aim to have impregnate the schoolgirls, so creampie at the girl's 'dangerous days'.)
    At the end, they do get pregnant (and have sex while pregnant). But those bellies are obvious fake

    Three unbelievably young mother that received nakadashi from their sons at some clinic (they even announced it: "is it now your ovulation day?". There also nice scene where they show good amount of cum inside their mother's vag. (with some kind of internal camera like endoscope?)
    The turn off:
    Positive pregnancy test just seconds after nakadashi? :notagain: what kind of stupidity is that?
    they all ovulating and creampied, but just one to get pregnant?
    besides, I just hate Incest theme anyway.
    loveakibajapan likes this.
  5. CodeGeek

    CodeGeek Akiba Citizen

    If you find more movies with that theme, please, post the movie IDs. :please:

    And, please, only the ones that makes sense. I agree to your statements in your last post: We all know that these movies are fake (fortunatelly). But they still should make sense. Otherwise it is a huge turn-off.
  6. loleechero

    loleechero Active Member

    Sadly IMO, by far, only few from my top list that make sense :notagain::notagain::notagain::notagain::notagain:

    Of course.
    also worth noting that those from SOD is relatively new. They're should create more in the future. You can check it yourself.

    I really interested in SOD's real-life competition, like SDMT-806.
    In SDMT 806, whomever cum inside his girl in exactly 1000 'piston' count, would be the winner of 100 million yen (=$12000)

    Imagine that SOD want to create similar competition.
    I just hope that there's a 'real' couple that want to get pregnant, and the winner or who can get his woman pregnant first is the winner

    Aaaand, here's some interesting facts:
    1. there's 1 in 200 woman in Japan that would do AV. In Tokyo, the number should be getting near 1:50 (yes, Google it):sadomaso:
    2. When have sex, condom is a must. there's only 1% woman in Japan that are using pills (as oppossed in another country).:joker:
    3. Abortions are quite, well, prevalent in Japan, as one of birth control methods (it's legal there).
  7. CodeGeek

    CodeGeek Akiba Citizen

    I'm only interested in made-up movies / stories. It doesn't give me an extra if the actions are real.
  8. loleechero

    loleechero Active Member

    okay, that's nice preferences:perfectplan::perfectplan:

    Sorry I've forgotten this one
    NHDT 832 (Rio Hamasaki)
    In short, Another fan thanksgiving day. The staff announced that would be creampie theme
    Somehow, the staff managed to know her ovulation day :notagain:

    one day before her ovulation day, they come and 'play' (creampie, of course) with one of Hamasaki's fan.

    Good part: In her ovulation day, several dozen fan gather, bring sex toy, and play with her.

    The session ended with her cosplayed as nurse, sit spread eagle at the chair, thus given a large funnel, which is inserted deep in her p*ssy. Then the fans starting to ejaculate into it, which is funneled directly into her depths. She's grateful for it and say thank you (in very polite manner) for each load.

    At the end, there's more sex scene, creampie, and then the usual scene: she's given morning after pill, which has been swapped with vitamin
    And complimentary text: Have a healthy baby:exhausted::exhausted:

    The unrealistic plot:
    When the staff asks the doctor: When is her ovulation day?
    Why they use only blank screen? and just it, so simple and brief?

    There's several more, but the fake is soooo obvious that IMO, you shouldn't watch it
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  9. z1p2h3ll

    z1p2h3ll New Member

    How 'bout SERO0114 or SERO0116, or the official series of "Condom that got worn out/broke pretty easily" ? :study:

    The idol actress got no clue, she thought she would just had sex as a routine, but probably got surprise news at the end of the month.:pandalaugh:
  10. evil_knight001

    evil_knight001 EvilKnight

    I like this thread! :sadomaso:
  11. evil_knight001

    evil_knight001 EvilKnight

    i just found one, but it's not realistic, haha here : rct-429
  12. Nick_Wells

    Nick_Wells Member

    Another one with Rio Hamasaki is MIMK-005. It also features Hitomi Kitagawa and Tsubomi.

    It's more or less comedic - the pregnancies are fake but the cream-pies seem to be real.

    Hitomi's one-on-one scene, in particular, is very hot.

    @javfan@ likes this.
  13. evil_knight001

    evil_knight001 EvilKnight

    thanks Nick! any other video??
  14. Nick_Wells

    Nick_Wells Member

    I can't think of any others off the top of my head, but you might try going to the DMM website. You can copy these characters, 妊娠, and paste them into the search box (just below the black bar near the top). The results will give you a bunch of 'pregnancy' themed videos, some will actually even be sex w/ pregnant chicks.

    Next, you can look for covers that catch your eye and click on them so you can get a better idea of what the video is all about. You'll probably also want to make sure that you see 中出し in the keywords, which means 'nakadashi' i.e. creampie. Finally, when you've found a title you want to check out you can either sign-up w/ DMM or just do a web search for the title or SKU & see if there's a d/l or torrent for it out there.

    Oh yeah, you can also click on the English tab near the top if you can't decipher any Japanese. I don't really care for it 'cos the translations tend to be pretty odd - plus the more I get exposed to written Japanese, the more I pick up. But that's just me - YMMV.

    Anyway, good luck! I hope you find something you like.

    vincent_z likes this.
  15. evil_knight001

    evil_knight001 EvilKnight

    ok thanks! I wonder if there is a video wherein the guy remove his condom before he cum without the girl knowing and then it's too late for the girl.. Like surprise nakadashi or unwanted something like that. I haven't seen one so that I really like to know. If I were just a japanese pron director I would really make that kind of movie. anyway, thanks
  16. evil_knight001

    evil_knight001 EvilKnight

    DANDY-226 DANDY-242 for the thread creator
  17. banfoosh

    banfoosh Forever horny !

    Thanks but no pregnancy shown in the end I think.
  18. loleechero

    loleechero Active Member

    RCT videos are completely ridiculous. Just too fake . . .
    What I like:
    - Internal camera. Usually showing sperm flooded vagina up to their cervix.
    - Effort to getting pregnant: Ovulation timing, up down position where they forced sperm to their womb, Worship "god of pregnancy", etc.
    - Pregnancy test? its nice add, but 100% comedic.

    Several review for you all:
    RCT 452
    As usual: Mother-son visit doctor's office and determine their dangerous day, f*ck, and  . . . voila . . . they're all pregnant:exhausted::exhausted::exhausted:.
    This is quite good. In brief, The actress is contacted to do some AV. The director then tell the actress to do some creampie. She didn't want to do it at first, because today it's her dangerous day. She even gave the director her 'period calendar', and admitted she's been creampied by someone in one if her safe day. After some talk, she agree to do it, in thrill for she's actually conceive.

    NEW series from Michiru (IFDVE)
    In rough translation: Creampie at Her Dangerous Day.
    It's not actually focused at impregnation, but I think I can include it in our list.

    Another fan appreciation day theme. She tell the audience that she's at her dangerous day, give us her calendar or so, scene with 1-2 man, and creampie with several man at the end. But no mention of her possibility to get pregnant at all.

    Similar to IFDVE-004. But worst. The performer's acting was really stiff, and unnatural. Her 'fan' also look fake. No mention of impregnation, nakadashi, or other dirty talk. Overall worst AV from this series.

    CVDD 001
    I'm in searching for this particular AV. But it's look promising. In short, impregnation in front of camera, with hamedori style (actress looking at the camera). In DMM review: "I can't believe it, I really got her pregnant after AV shooting". There's pregnancy test scene, at least in its DVD cover.
    Of course I'll tell you after got this one.


    If you remember Nanami Nanase from Semen Maniac, there's actually some good scene where she's lay back with legs open in the air, her pussy held open widely with speculum, some view of inside her pussy up to her cervix, and then they doing bukkake at her widely open pussy. What a view! With beaker glass full of sperm, they put a catheter up her urethra, and inject all of these cum directly to her bladder!

    Surely one can made similar request to inject these cum directly to girl's womb! What a blessed view for those who have impregnation fetish!
  19. loleechero

    loleechero Active Member

    I think we have similar method

    That's it is. The AV itself also will be hard to understand.
    Fortunately I understand quite a bit of Japanese.
    Sadly, only the worst of impregnation AV (RCT series) are quite graphical and easy to understand even without Japanese knowledge.


    I've forgotten it! :notagain:There's only ONE that I encountered so far!
    I'll tell you if I found it

  20. banfoosh

    banfoosh Forever horny !

    ^^ Thanks for the list but having looked at all the suggestions here on this thread , I assure you that SHKD-424 is the only jav that shows girls getting pregnant in the end with she pukes-lol. RCT series looks too fake..