JAV titles with mouth spreading and tongue out pose?

K Bates

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Sep 11, 2020
Hi guys, this is quite an obscure/specific fetish of mine, and I haven't been able to find much of it.
It's basically when JAV women spread open their mouths with their fingers on both side and stick their tongues out. Most preferably in a bukkake scene, but anything will do. I've seen it done in Hentai and some Western porn but I can't quite find it on Jav. Any recommendations would be amazing!
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Jun 6, 2007

i was rummaging through my files of arisa satou, aiyo sayaka, aishiro sayaka, ai mashiro, ai mairoi, and name-combinations thereof, and ran across the small scene above, which i believe is what the original poster was looking for. (it may be a bit late for him, but i think the fetish captures the spirit of jav and should be of general interest and is worth seeking out.) it is from arbb-023:

cover arbb-023 aiyo v-sign face distort.jpg

because it was only a few seconds out of a long video, i decided to spend the day re-learning how to make a gif rather than attempting to describe it all. no matter what you call her, arisa/aiyo/ai is the best. (so don’t call her late for dinner.) i think she is retired now and her vids are fast fading into oblivion. however, someone named gosw123 still has a working link over at the library. you must click “see all comments” and find it toward the end of the second page of comments.