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Japanese Sexy Clothes Site?

Discussion in 'Chatterbox' started by Casshern2, Jun 1, 2018.

  1. Casshern2

    Casshern2 Senior Member...I think

    Are there any specifically Japanese sites that sell sexy clothes or outfits like they have in the west? I like browsing such sites for sexy outfits on sexy looking ladies. :D
  2. CoolKevin

    CoolKevin Nutcase on the loose Staff Member Super Moderator

  3. Casshern2

    Casshern2 Senior Member...I think

    Yikes! Thank you CoolKevin!
  4. AcVe09

    AcVe09 Active Member

    are those teeny tiny vagina lip bearing bikinis they wear in most chakuero videos fr0m wicked weasel or do they have their own japanese liine... id like toshake the hand of the designer one day
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