Japanese Fuuzoku (adult “services” shops) Discussion


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Aug 19, 2011
So, seeing as paying for dick-vag intercourse is illegal in Japan, all kinds of niche shops/ services are available for basically any fetish people have (maybe as a result of the imaginative JAV genres). You can get anything from a shy young lady watch while you jerk off, to a madam shoving a dildo in your pee-hole while a she-male spits up your butt-pipe (I made that last one up but it could be true and it wouldn’t surprise me) and everything in between.

Anyway, I thought I’d start a discussion about your experiences with Japan fuuzoku, or what kind of shop/ service you’d like to try.

I’ve lived in Japan for many years and have some experience. I’ve found that the no-foreigner policy isn’t as harsh as made out. But you need Japanese speaking skill and the ability to not be a douche. If you go through the English only services you’ll pay way over for probably mediocrity. I have found that messaging or calling the shop you want and first, asking if foreign customers are allowed (but it usually says on website). They’ll say yes or no, if the answer yes they’ll let you know which girls you can choose from seeing as not all workers want foreigners as clients.

Personally I’ve been to Jan-Jan twice, it’s a blowjob bar that is kinda sucky (no pun intended). It’s cheap as hell and openly accepts foreigners. Insist on a rubber is my advice, they won’t offer. I’ve only used delivery health (deriheru) since then.

I mostly frequent an Irrumatio (face fucking) service, you need to speak Japanese and the girls are young and very good looking. It’s expensive due to the service and girls, but it’s worth it. I wouldn’t go back to a cheap place (I tried a few before I landed at the irrumatio place as a regular).
Shops/ services advertise in a lot of places online as well as their own websites. These two are best imo, they update mini jav-like videos everyday with shop-girls showing off the delivery services the shop provides.

Anyway back to the point. What experiences have you had or wish to have?


Jun 28, 2021
Yes being a foreigner in Japan is prejudice especially when you want to patronize their fuuzoku, more often or almost always you get turned away and for those foreign-friendly shops they kinda suck as the girls are pretty much older and there are not too inclined to good customer service.

Luckily I knew some japanese associates which at my time was a principal and they are able to bring you into those centers that forbid foreigners, I come to think of it they probably own those places. There was one time despite all the SPA or Karaoke bars that they bring, I was curious to ask them about what other things that japanese centres have and can provide and they ask what fetish I have, i was kinda shy at first but thinking armpit (waki) fetish is also one of many japanese men craze.

So off we go after our business meet to this place that has many fetishes, i don't know which shop as it was lead by my japanese associates. They had plenty of girls and really young and beautiful ones, i remember the menu has face sitting, foot, anus licking, etc and of course armpit, then i was really curious what package is armpit fetish from them. Well so i chosen and gotten into a room, I had no idea what was it as I don't speak japanese, i only remembered that my japanese associate ask me if I want smell or no smell? shaved or no shaved? I just said with smell, shaved. no idea what was it.

So two girls came out and lead me to a room, they showered me nicely first and the shower was like 40 minutes and the girls was in really thin clothing and transparent when water hit them, it was a surprise as while one was washing me the other gave me a blowjob and i shot my first load.

So that i started to question, where's the armpit fetish to myself? then after the cleaning, the girls begain to remove their clothing and they raised their arms and exposing their armpits, doing erotic movements, i was really turned on that not one girl but two girls showing you their armpits, immediately i went up close and start to admire and feel them, and put my face on them, and yes i guess the smell was they were wearing any deodorant and I could really smell the musky armpit smell from both of them, huge turn on, and after awhile they lay me down on a mat and they started massaging me with very much their armpit put on my face, and occasionally putting my hands to their armpit and encouraging me to smell them.

After an hour of massage they lube me up with oil and they put oil on their armpit and started giving me armpit fucks, damn it was good because there was two girls taking turn shoving my cock on their armpits and fucking them, eventually i shot my load and it was one of the best fetish experience I had.

I don't know how much it cost because my business associates insist that they paid for it.

Later on they told me usually people who goes for this fetish will jerk themselves off and finish themselves off quickly, the package that they gave me was a premium one with bath, massage and such.

I don't think now if i go as a foreigner they will kick me out and probably other fetish places are mediocre as I did try to find others on my own and it's not to hygiene.

The thing is to have local people around you with some calling the shots, and till today I think my business distributors own these places as other side businesses.

Other thing that I really want to try is getting fucked by a beautiful japanese girl with strap on.


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Aug 19, 2011
Thanks for sharing your experience.

I agree that most places are prejudiced toward foreign customers, especially walk-ins. And the open accepting ones will be way over priced or low quality service.

As I mentioned in my first post having Japanese skill and doing a little preparation goes a long long way.

A lot of places have online enquiries these days so I send them a message in Japanese saying who I am and what I want and got good results.

These places have it written in each girls profile if they accept foreigners. The 3,900 place looks nasty though, lol.