Is there a database online where I can search for idols?


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Sep 2, 2021
I was wondering if there were online databases where I can search for gravure idols by date of birth. I am seeking to expand my list of idols I follow. Thanks.
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Nov 13, 2012
I am building one, it's called Kanojo. It covers JAV, gravure and U-18. It's kind of like TheMovieDB, but for all of this stuff.

I tried to make a thread to announce it (It's not launched yet, but it's open source and I have a Discord for dev talk and early feedback/ideas), but the post wasn't approved by mods.

It won't allow you to download anything (It only carries information about idols and movies), but it'll probably be able to help you find new stuff to hunt.

I won't give URLs, in case that was the issue with the post, but the organization should be fairly easy to find on GitHub.
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