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Is Donald Trump The Anti-Christ?

Discussion in 'Random' started by dynovideo, Aug 27, 2016.

  1. EzikialRage

    EzikialRage Active Member

    The thing with Trump its not necessarily the fact he has views that conservatives detest. Its the fact that he is pulling a Mitt Romney. Meaning he spent most of his time as a liberal and only started espousing conservative viewpoints because he wants to run for president. Donald Trump donated to liberal democrats and liberal republicans,espoused liberal views and praised the job those liberal democrats and liberal republicans did and only when he decided to run for president did he started espousing conservative view points. He was on Fox news and MSNBC saying he would illegals stay in the country. He said he agreed with "dreamers". He said he supported "assault weapon" bans and longer waiting periods even though he claims to support the 2nd amendment. He claims to be pro-life even though he supports his late term abortion supporting sister as a supreme court nominee supports funding for planned parenthood, which are things no one who is actually pro-life would support. Despite criticizing companies for outsourcing his clothing line is made outside the US. How do you trust someone like that? If the media and pro-amnesty politicians didn't demonize Donald Trump over his comments about illegals and tried to make them about all Mexicans then Donald Trump wouldn't have been perceived as this tough opponent to illegal immigration. Its because of this perceived tough stance against illegal immigration why Trump has any support.

    I support a wall on the border and cracking down on illegal immigration and I oppose outsourcing. I support some of the things Donald Trump is saying. But I trust Donald Trump as far as I can throw him. If I didn't have the internet where I can look up a candidate's past actions and views and I was like all these other schmucks out there who don't know any better I would probably be a die hard Donald Trump supporter.
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  2. Ceewan

    Ceewan Famished

    First of all, as I have said in the past, Trump would not have been my first choice. But what you are stating here is incorrect. I don't know who decided to arrange facts in this order and post them on the internet but you can at least trust to get the basics, as I said in my last post, from the Wiki:

    What the Wiki leaves out, as it always does, is much of the specifics. One of the more unpopular things that Trump has said were not only did he believe that invading Iraq was a mistake (which is consistent with his switch to being a Democrat in 2001) but that President Bush should take responsibility for the terrorist attack on 9/11. While I am not sure I agree with that last statement I do find the logic behind it sound: "It happened on his (Bushes') watch". True, the phrase "The Buck Stops here" is from a democrat but it is nonetheless appliable here. Although George Bush may have done so, I do not remember him taking responsiblity for 9/11. I am not saying that he should I am just saying that I don't know for sure he did and I can understand if some people, including Trump, hold 9/11 against him.

    Trump is not a fanatic. The media says he "wafffles" on his stances but I think it is more likely that given the input and information he recieves that he refines his stances on issues based on updated and more informed opinions. Why? because that is how a businessman conducts his affairs. For that same reason why shouldn't Trump take every advantage that outsourcing gives the American businessman? That is just good business. He knows as well as anyone else that he will have to make changes to his business practices if the law changes. If you or anyone else is especting him to lead by example instead of taking advantage of business oppurtunities then you would be looking to vote for an idiot. He hires migrant workers at his hotels too by-the-way.

    Trump is liberal on some issues and conservative on others. But his theme is "Make America Great Again" which isn't meant to sound liberal, it is meant to sound that liberal has gone too far. I think at his core he believes that. Whether I am right or wrong about him, he is still better than Clinton.
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  3. Ceewan

    Ceewan Famished

    I don't know.....I try not to judge people just based on political differences. I understand that it is hard though. I wasn't always a Republican. I first got interested in politics back during the days of Nixon which may help explain why I was a bit of a fan of Hubert Humphrey. The more I learned though, the more I learned to admire some of Nixons accomplishments and become disgusted by his misuse of authority in an attempt to keep his political position, it didn't matter the Democrats were doing the same thing, he was the President and we expected more from him. I was raised a Democrat but the ideals that they stood for when I was a kid don't seem too similar for what they stand for now. I didn't register as a Republican until after Ronny Ray-gun Reagan became President and did what Carter failed to do just by his reputation alone; Iran was so intimidated by him they released the 51 American hostages they had held close to a year and a half, hours before he was swon in. Considered myself a Republican ever since.

    Everyone has different political views, it is natural, we are all different people. It really doesn't matter what you are registered as. Nixon was a used car salesman and aparrently a damned good one. While there are exceptions to every rule, anyone who thinks you can trust a used car salesman is barking up the wrong tree. And anyone who thinks you can trust a lawyer not to be more concerned about his billing hours than the people he, (or she), represents, is naive and in for some nasty surprises. Trump is a businessman and if there is one thing that interests a businessman more than profit, it is success.

    I don't love Trump but I do like him. I like the fact that he says the wrong things sometimes. I am just so sick of hearing politicians roll that same crap out and dish it to the people year after year. You have no idea what those politicians really think because they are so concerned about how they are percieved. We don't "know" for sure what Trump thinks by his past actions because we don't know how much of that was colored by his business concerns or dealings. I do think it is a safe bet that he would do everything in his power to improve the situation for American businesses in general because that is what he knows. How can that be a bad thing? America is full of empty and closed factories. We are producing less and less every year and that means we are becoming less important to the world around us and relying on them to supply us what we could easily supply ourselves with.

    I am just too busy nowadays to hang out here much. I wanted to take a moment to comment here because I thought this thread was a way to vent some of my frustrations about this election. Buying into Bernie Sanders political idealism was one thing but how can Americans be so unconcerned about the future of this country that they would support a criminal, and not all that good of one at that, like Hilary Clinton. Why give another lying politician a chance to make fools of us all?

    Trump makes some very good points. Our armed forces have been abroad too long. There has been no need of it for sometime. We do too much for NATO, way more than any country, and too much or our resources are spent on this when other countries aren't willing to do the same. We wouldn't be abandoning anybody, we would just be more like them. Reducing our military abroad (we have something like 200 bases worldwide) will free up funds to increase our navy which has been sorely neglected during Obamas' term. We have been and always will be a maritime nation. Do we really need 30,000 soldiers in South Korea? South Korea is rich enough to defend itself now without our help. Maybe having our armed forces there isn't making the world safer, maybe it is just agravating the situation. We are streched too thin and doing too much. It is not our job. It has been hurting our country not improving it.

    Immigration? How can all the people who worked so hard to become "legal" immigrants be opposed to tough policies against "illegal" immigrants? How can people who wave Mexican flags in America stand for American people? Shouldn't they wave American flags? I don't know about a physical "wall" but if we have laws concerning illegal immigration I don't see why we shouldn't enforce them. If congress wants to get together and change the laws then let them but they haven't have they? With the terrorists threats becoming terrorist realities around the world a tough immigration policy isn't un-American, it isn't "giving in to fear", it is just common sense.

    So what if some of Trumps ideas are off the wall? Trump is the only chance to keep Clinton out of office and using it as her own personal retirement program just like she did when she was Secretary of State. And how many people really think she used her own personal email server because she wasn't trying to hide anything from the government in the first place? I mean seriously? Why else would she!?! It doesn't matter if they couldn't prove it in a court of law, the answer is obvious. Government officials don't use private servers, they are government employees, they use government servers. Wake up people.

    ......and that is about all I have to say about that.
    Last edited: Sep 6, 2016
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  4. EzikialRage

    EzikialRage Active Member

    Republican doesn't automatically equal conservative. Mitt Romney is a perfect example of a liberal republican.It took me several years to learn that not all republicans are conservatives.

    There are many clothing companies that make their clothing here in the US, so if they can do it then so can Donald Trump.No one is forcing him to make his clothes in China and other countries. Nor is anyone forcing him to hire foreigners. If he truely believed that outsourcing is bad and we need to make sure Americans have jobs then he wouldn't have his clothing made in other countries and he would be hiring Americans at every chance he got regardless if if it cost a few extra dollars to make sure it happened.

    I do not fault Donald Trump for having liberal views. I do fault him for flip flopping on those views and suddenly claiming to have conservative views. Its like he is another Mitt Romney but probably richer. How can anyone trust Donald Trump to crack down on illegal immigration when he was on Fox News and MSNBC saying he would illegals stay?How can anyone Donald Trump to be pro-life when he held pro-abortion views in the past, thinks his late term abortion supporting sister would make a great supreme court judge and thinks planned parenthood does a great job? How can we trust what Donald Trump says about Hillary Clinton when he had her go to his wedding,donated money to her senate race,donated money to the Clinton Foundation, praised the job she did and said she would make a great president?

    Its great that Donald Trump is saying we need a wall, we need to crack down on illegal immigration, that maybe we shouldn't have troops in the Republic of Korea and other countries, that our elected officials should put the American people first and many other pro-American things. But at the same time he has supported people who held views opposite of that, donated to those same people and praised the job those people did. Just because a politician tells people what they want to hear so he can get their votes does not mean he actually believes everything that is coming out of his mouth. This is why it is important to see what that candidate has said in the past, how that candidates voted,and who they verbally or financially supported.
  5. EzikialRage

    EzikialRage Active Member

    I don't think she was just trying to hide stuff from the government. I think she was intentionally using a private email and server as a mean of leaking classified info to other countries.Other countries hack into her private email and server in order to get the classified info and she feigns incompetence. I think there fact she had her private server deleted, was dishonest about what she turned over and lied about not having classified info proves she was trying to hide shit from the government and proves intent. If it been anyone else that did what she did they would be big bubba's cell mate getting fucked in the ass every night.
  6. dynovideo

    dynovideo Anamaze.com - Free Anime Videos!

    Unfortunately, Trump is morbidly clueless.

    He wants to take Iraq's oil, wants to do waterboarding and much worse than waterboarding, and have the military kill the family members of terrorists. These ideas, if implemented, would be in clear violation of the Geneva Convention, and would therefore be war crimes.

    So really Donald Trump is nothing more than an aspiring wanna-be war criminal.

    And we wonder why they hate us...

    Trump thinks we are so stupid that we won't even notice his tax plan that mainly benefits him and his top 1 % friends, while adding an estimated 10 trillion dollars to the debt. Fortunately he has allot of experience dealing with bankruptcy, and defaulting on debt. Trump is a well known rip-off sleeze who loves to stiff people out of their hard earned money.

    Then he wants to have a deportation force to round-up 14 million people based on their ethnicity. Sound familiar? Why don't we call these guys who go door to door checking everybody's papers what they really are - The Gestapo.

    Finally what would you call it if a billionaire decided to underwrite an entire primary campaign in return for a lucrative no-bid construction contract, namely, the stupid 10 billion dollar wall? Well it is called pay to play, and it is illegal as hell. BTW, the wall is not to keep them out, it is to keep us in.
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  7. Summer-Time-Fun

    Summer-Time-Fun Well-Known Member

    @ dynovideo
    Trump is clueless? Let me ask YOU something. What business empire have YOU ever run as successful as Trump that you base your opinion on? That's like an office secretary calling a CEO (who has lost billions, and then made it right back) clueless.

    People don't like Trump because he calls criminals who enter illegally, what they are (criminals).
    And criminals don't like the police because they enforce the law.​

    As far as them hating us, as you said: "And we wonder why they hate us"
    • They hate us anyway because we're infidels.
    • Because we were the exception to freedom and they were not, we succeeded, no one likes a winner
    • They make woman wear masks over their faces, do you think they would like us anymore with a woman as President?
    • Regarding the nature of man: American's took land from the Indians, do you think the Indians would not have done the same if they had the musket guns before we did? The Indians also stole and killed other tribes with the help of American settlers who had guns. EVERYONE is a ratt in this world. But at least America at one time bullied the world for a good cause. And yet, it's laws which made it's economy powerful is exploited by people wanting to come for it's jobs. The world if full of hypocrites.

    There's alot of fools out there. I can't believe how trumps words get so twisted. 98% of the shit he says is no big deal, til the news spins it into something horrible. People should realize one simple notion: this world needs a change. a fuckin dramatic change. We simply aren't going to get it with Hilary. DONE. end of conversation.

    As for my not liking... but loving the TRUMPSTER... he has made a quick lesson out of politics. and i can say, ALOT (and i mean ALOT) can be learned about the world as a whole, simply by running your own business. let alone an empire like his. That says ALOT. As he has said, "he will quickly identify issues, quickly appoint people who are qualified in more ways than one, and get things changed/done/fixed."

    Look at the news yesterday. Russia flew a fighter jet within 10' (FUCKING TEN FEET), from a US battle ship. BATTLE.... SHIP. wasn't much battlin going on. that, coupled w/them chinks making fools of our sailors, kneeling down with their backs toward them. Then film it and place it on you tube???? People around the county think this Obama president is a fuckin joke.

    HOWEVER.. i remember prior to his getting elected... a buzz going around that the Muslims bread him from very young, to become the president of the US, with their Muslim agenda at hand. look at the, "line in the sand" re: a situation (can't remember). Then it was crossed and he did nothing.

    He's a fuckin PIMP. a true pc of shit. same w/that shit bag Hilary. Wanting to help everyone, while over looking our own veterans who have fought and died for our freedom.

    Last edited: Sep 10, 2016
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  8. dynovideo

    dynovideo Anamaze.com - Free Anime Videos!

    @ Summer-Time-Fun
    Warren Buffet said a blind monkey could have thrown darts at a stock listing, and if he invested in those stocks that the darts hit, could have made more money than Trump did starting out with daddy's 300 million.

    Who is actually the pimp here? The Trump Modeling Management Co. brings models in from Europe, crams about 25 at a time into a one bedroom, and charges them each 3500 bucks a month rent as he exploits them, and rips them off. He even ripped-off the 3 preteen cheerleaders who sang as an opening act at one of his rallies.

    How sleazy!

    BTW, am not Trump's secretary - Are you? For all you know our group might be able to buy and sell that bloated orange prick with loose change we find under the sofa cushions. Think about it.

    Trump wants to fire all the military generals because he says they have been reduced to rubble. At the same time, he makes it clear he would like to suck Putin's balls. WTF?

    Actually wanted John Kasich, the Governor of Ohio. Instead we get Bozo the Clown. As an independent, was very proud to vote for Bush the elder, (41). George H. W. Bush was a war hero, a diplomat, and former director of the CIA. What was not to love about that guy? A true public servant.

    Since then the Republican Party has been nominating buffoons who are completely unelectable, like Romney. What kind of guy says "all the trees are just the right height" or "corporations are people my friend"? OMG!

    The truth is, Trump is a lightweight who is woefully out of his depth. Mark these words, in the upcoming debates, Hillary will carve him up like an orange Halloween Trumpkin.

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  9. Summer-Time-Fun

    Summer-Time-Fun Well-Known Member

    What does a persons investment choice have to do with running a country?
    Ok, That's called Free Market.
    In a Free Market, a business has the right to charge what they want. In a free Market, the prices and choice to buy are determined by the consumer. You don't think concert venues and sports venues over charge people? It is the people who are the assholes for buying the tickets. Just like all the assholes who buy the expensive phone plans and now all of us have to pay ridiculous monthly fees because the majority can't suppress their immediate gratification. And how do you know them Cheerleaders don't come from family's that have a shit load of money? You don't think over pricing happens in places like Japan for example to outsiders? It's called business.

    You know what, you're one of them people who think the wealthy should pay higher taxes than everyone below them? Let me tell you something. Firstly, I'm not wealthy myself, I live paycheck to paycheck. But I also realize that some people work their ass off to get where they got. And when you have a system (redistribution of wealth) that punishes people who've made more, you destroy exceptionalism. The state of California is a perfect example. No one wants to work in that state because you're punished by it's progressive income tax. ...Which means you pay more in taxes as you gross more. So what you have in that state is a population of only about 54% that actually work, and this so called working class has to pay for the other 48% that don't (in taxes). This kind of re distribution of wealth mentality is not what made America great.

    Look we can find faults in both candidates. But what you're comparing about Trump's common - legal business practices is not even close to the crimes Hillery and her husband have committed on the economy (On a global scale).

    I resist the tug of popular sentiment

    But at the end of the day, it doesn't matter who wins, because presidents have no power anymore. The Globalists who run the Oligarchy are in control. The president will do what they say to do. It's no wonder why they all turn gray after their second year. The United States was a republic at one time. A republic is a form of government where the people elect their leaders. But we have the electoral college.

    “Those who are too smart to engage in politics are punished by being governed by those who are dumber.”
    ― Plato

    As Benjamin Franklin was leaving the last session of The Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia 1787, a woman approached him and asked, “What kind of government have you given us, Dr. Franklin? A republic or a monarchy?” Franklin answered, “A republic, Madam, if you can keep it” Book title Government in the United States ISBN# 0-02-151100-4 (Page. 17)

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  10. dynovideo

    dynovideo Anamaze.com - Free Anime Videos!

    "I don't know Russia. I know Russia. I don't know the inner workings of Russia", (sniff sniff).
    -- Donald Trump

    When asked why Trump is always attacking women, Joan Walsh said "It's because he has low self-esteem". Recently have discovered The Trump Tower in Panama. In this photo, only one building most closely resembles a big honkin' dick. See if you can pick out The Trump Tower:


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  11. Ghostbird

    Ghostbird Make Somalia great again!!

    Last edited: Oct 15, 2016
  12. dynovideo

    dynovideo Anamaze.com - Free Anime Videos!

    Recently on Breitbart there was this ad banner of Trump looking at himself in the mirror. The caption read "Us Against the World". How creepy is that? You want even more creepy stuff? Check out this:

    Last edited: Oct 15, 2016
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  13. EzikialRage

    EzikialRage Active Member

    Hell has froze.
  14. Ghostbird

    Ghostbird Make Somalia great again!!

    Trump is the establishment, Business as usual.
  15. dynovideo

    dynovideo Anamaze.com - Free Anime Videos!

    In this presidential election 42% of those who were eligible to vote stayed home. In Canada, you get fined for not voting. They got Pierre's desperately cool son Justin Trudeau for their leader.


    We got stuck with Donald Trump.


    Last edited: Nov 10, 2016
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  16. EzikialRage

    EzikialRage Active Member

    So they force people who have no interest in politics to vote in Canada? I am glad the US doesn't do that. Although voting is a right in the US, a right means it is optional not forced.
  17. pikuseru

    pikuseru Well-Known Member

    Voting is not compulsory in Canada. But yes, the voter turnout in the last election at 68% was much higher than this US election.

    But if it was Canada that had to choose between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, the voting turnout would probably be much, much lower than 42%. A sexist demagogue vs. a corporate puppet - not exactly quality choices there.
  18. LoliKing25

    LoliKing25 Active Member

    Oh no. Hes not. Every president has been called the anti Christ.
  19. seitoseitan

    seitoseitan Active Member

    No but the true Antichrist will come to this world through Khorasan (Northeast of Persia (Now Iran)) and the slander and lies he spread will bring humanity farther from truth than what now most western medias did. Of course you'll believe what i said only if you're Muslim or Christian. So, be prepared.
  20. Summer-Time-Fun

    Summer-Time-Fun Well-Known Member

    Robert De Niro has always been one of my fav actors. But listening to that video just shows how dumb he really is. Great actor, but stupid in other things.

    Regarding Trump not paying taxes: he plays within the boundary's of what the laws that both democrats republicans put in place. It's what you do to gain an edge for you business to invest more money back into your company. After all, it's the company that feeds Trump's pocket. Trump creates jobs - Period. and payrolls. How many jobs has Robert De Niro created??? Trump took money he borrowed (just as any one starting a business would) and turned it into billions. Anyone who thinks Trump is a idiot - is just that.
    You're money will always come down to match how large you are as a person. Look at all the people who win the lottery and then loose it a few years later. Trump is not politically educated as a politician
    so he makes himself sound stupid. But we didn't want another politically correct politician. We don't care how he sounds. It's not what you say that matters - It's what you do that defines you. Trump has built an empire and no one likes a winner. But it's ok for your fav football, or TV performer to make millions ha?

    The media says that over 86 % of the country feels insecure about him. This is a lie because if that were the case he would have never been elected.

    Regarding all the STUPID Liberal FU...KS in CALIFORNIA (especially the northern SFO Berkley freaks of nature) She says it best.
    • California citizens, you have some of the highest gas prices in the country, yet you have more refineries than anywhere. Your surplus of gas is being exported and the supply kept low and the price high. But CA citizens love giving their hard earned money away because their famous line is (Well that's what you get for the nice weather) when someone complains about how things are. ...The weather has something to do with the fact that you're all being bent over??? The weather? lol
    • California citizens don't vote on most of the laws that are passed or even care that their government passes laws without their consent. They are too busy paying all the fees ...they never voted for.
    • California citizens don't like to engage in politics, they get offensive if you say anything negative about their state. ( I know because I've lived there).
    • You have some of the highest vehicle registration fees, corporate taxes, traffic citation fees, DMV fees, Smog fees..ect.
    • You people voted to have your plastic grocery bags taken away and are now being charged and taxed for each bag, bags that are now 15 times thicker and will be thrown in the trash after they fall apart regardless. What you citizens don't know is that the some of the land fills have had machines that sorted plastic, metals, and glass for over 20 year. This change was never needed. Subsidizing the landfill company's so they could get the equipment needed to sort would have been a good idea. But brilliant CA residents voted for this anyway because California liberals still don't know what the term (Special Interest Group) means.
    • You've hired Eric Holder attorney general ( a criminal) to fight against the credibility of Trump's presidency. Which by the way is against the CA constitution.
    • You wanted to vote for Hillery (A person who has too much dirt on her to even talk about here).
    • Most of CA citizens don't even know who the vice president is when asked.
    • Your state has more regulatory laws than any state in the country essentially putting hand cuffs on business and your own citizens.
    • CA citizens are fined for breaking a multitude of laws because there are so many that most people - including the state Judges can't even keep up with all of them. (But it makes the state money)
    • I service homes.. without getting into too much detail about my job - all I can say is, I hear more and more people saying that they're moving out of the state.
    • Only about 54% of the California population actually works, the rest receive checks paid by the working class.
    • Eventually a high percentage of the working class will leave CA and then all the lazy entailment leeches can pay the state taxes.
    • You hate Trump because you're too lazy to get off your couch and do something to better your life.
    • You shoot at the stars rather then follow them
    • The young population walks around with (The California Republic) hats sold in most gas stations and department stores but few question it's meaning: As a history lesson, the republic was a territory held by a group of rebels that over-through their government and held their own independent republic, then were captured after 27 days and the US came in an confiscated CA shortly after. Most people across the US don't wear state flags on their cloth, they were the US flag because it means we're united. So when you see all these young kids wearing the republic of CA hats and shirts, it clearly means ( We do NOT want to be part of the US, we went CA to be an independent country) It means we hate the US. My response to that is, great, when someone bombs you don't ask the US for help or financial aid when your have no water.

    When you punish success and hard work, you destroy exceptionalism - Rush L
    Last edited: May 21, 2017
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