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Interracial JAV Discussion

Discussion in 'JAV Discussion' started by needs more loli, Sep 18, 2015.


Interracial JAV? (Japanese woman vs Black, White, Latino, etc man)

  1. Yes

    102 vote(s)
  2. No

    23 vote(s)
  1. silent1one

    silent1one Active Member

    There's only around 70 actors in the av industry and only like a dozen for most mainstream releases. The others are for niches series like black, elders, fans, and more. Japan birth rate is also low.
  2. Volcan

    Volcan Master of the Mountain

    Maybe it's that these guys are cheap/not good enough for bigger markets.

    Or maybe it's not a coincidence the most used guys have small dicks.
  3. highr

    highr New Member

    I think it's more than likely the former, because the movies when they send girls over to LA to fuck Rico Strong and the gang seem to do really well (Sakura Kizuna's latest release for example).
  4. jquin3

    jquin3 New Member

    Hi, I downloaded this clip of 2 black dudes with a japanese girl. Unfortunately there was no title and I hope somebody could please help with identifying the movie or at least the actress. Thanks a lot.
  5. ether202

    ether202 loli enthusiast

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  6. needs more loli

    needs more loli Don't underestimate lolis!

  7. jquin3

    jquin3 New Member

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  8. MrOne

    MrOne New Member

  9. BDrake

    BDrake Well-Known Member

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  10. hairy_bush

    hairy_bush SLF Refugee

    Black and White Guy on J-girl..

    conew_heydouga 4017-ppv200.

    black guy fails on anal try...
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  11. ether202

    ether202 loli enthusiast

    Ahahah ouch, wtf, would probably be easier if he was fully erect :confused: Can't imagine how he wouldn't be, fucking that cutie in the ass.. Maybe the white dude is throwing him off..
  12. Sushigoround

    Sushigoround Member

    ha! blame the white for being a soft cock
  13. Volcan

    Volcan Master of the Mountain

    Blame the other 50 guys in the room staring at his cock then. Or the director that didn't make the guy get hard and try again with lube. Maye I should go to Japan and show them how it's done.
  14. alphaqsilly

    alphaqsilly New Member

    whats her name?
  15. ether202

    ether202 loli enthusiast

    Lol I was just trying to make a lighthearted joke.. I'm white, I thought it was funny, whatever the case he's not on his game and tried to do anal with a semi and it didn't work out, don't know how that made it to film.. I feel bad for everyone involved..
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  16. ding73ding

    ding73ding Well-Known Member

    I'm not an expert on IR or BBC, but I think big fat cocks are often not as rock hard as regular cocks. I have seen quite a few scenes with monster size cocks being a bit bendy. Perhaps it's a good thing, for the ladies who have to receive them.

    The point is when you are that long and thick, it would do a great job of stuffing holes even if a bit soft. The exception being, as seen there, a closed anus. yikes. I'm really curious what happens in the end (pun!), how (if?) he wiggle that great worm into that tight hole. IMHO it's always the best seconds (sometimes stretching to one whole minute) of an anal scene, gaining the first entry.

    (aside: why is there mosaic on the cover but it seems to be an uncensored vid?)
  17. ether202

    ether202 loli enthusiast

    Wow, this thread is really obsessed with cocks, I think I'm out.. Have fun ya'll..
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  18. hairy_bush

    hairy_bush SLF Refugee

  19. Sushigoround

    Sushigoround Member

    Ha Agree with this btw I know I was joking too,
  20. hairy_bush

    hairy_bush SLF Refugee

    Last edited: Jan 15, 2017