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Interracial JAV? (Japanese woman vs Black, White, Latino, etc man)

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Apr 14, 2008
I think the guy who passed away was pretty big. I think the actors of old were bigger.

I think one of the bald guys they don't use often is big enough for the fantasy. The two bigger guys aren't that impressive to me.
Which guy passed away? Are you talking about the skinny guy that had cancer or did someone else pass recently?

One of the bigger guys would probably be ok if he lost weight. The other bigger guy is just tiny.

PK Atomsk

Jul 10, 2009
In Japanese culture sex with black men is considered demeaning and degrading and many top JAV actresses finish their career without IR. "lifting the ban" - 解禁 - means removing that particular act from "won't do" list of the actress.
I personally prefer older JAV IR titles where the Black men were fat, ugly and had small dicks. "20 consecutive creampie gang bang by Black men" was my favorite genre. They no longer make them after Obama ushered in the new era of political correctness and "Black is beautiful" motto.
...I dont have anything witty to say, you're just a fucking dickhead
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Jan 4, 2020
There are times when we agree...and then times like this where I lose brain cells reading your comments :madesu:
Not sure whether you have that many brain cells to lose to begin with.

Mao Hamasaki, Hibiki and Yui, are among those exceptions. ...
As darksider might have guessed, Hamasaki Mao clearly was not willing to go IR until a few years ago. She said so to her fans. When she finally did she was very well past her prime and had difficulty getting single titles (a unique JAV format where a single actress is the focus of the title, 單體作品). Her instagram displays the Korean legit movie she was in and she is very conscious of her Korean fans' opinions about her.

Yui did one with a Black and a White actor very early in her career and refused to do another for 14 years. There are many behind stories related to IR shoots unknown to foreign fans, especially outside of East Asia. JAV actresses are not as color blind as you would like to believe.

This "argument" is a repeat of the silly IR-Dodger debate 10 years ago in the US. Nothing changed. As in here there were many buffoons passionately arguing that IR does not hurt an actress's career citing a few IR queens. If you think Japanese have so much more respect for the Black race than Whites do for the same, live in your own fantasy. You got some nerve when your boys regularly beat up old Asian ladies in NYC on weekends.
...I dont have anything witty to say, ...
You CANNOT. Not any more than a dog has an opinion on gravitational tensor.

P.S. When do you think Mikami Yua will go IR? You think she likes Black men but was never asked to do IR? LOL.
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Jun 8, 2009
Cant someone do something about the race baiting moron...this is a section about IR porn, not his personal hatred and prejudices

Also, meyd 762 is out


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Jul 1, 2008
its doesnt matter how white is good or black have long dick
i guess tsubasa can do " it" all.
and i dont care what she wrote on the instragram how much she love whites dick or black .
i will read if tsubasa write about her problem when she do this job .
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Dec 29, 2021
I think it has been unhealthy for me to be so obsessed with interracial porn. It hurts my self-esteem somehow and raised unrealistic expectations of how the majority of people have sex. Do you guys let it (porn) cause problems to you?


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Oct 21, 2021
I think it has been unhealthy for me to be so obsessed with interracial porn. It hurts my self-esteem somehow and raised unrealistic expectations of how the majority of people have sex. Do you guys let it (porn) cause problems to you?

No, I've never had any problem telling the difference between porn and real life sex, but since all the porn I consume is JAV (last year?) I'm becoming obsessed with asian girls lol. I mean, I see the most average chinese girl/woman, even kinda ugly and fat, and I feel inmediately attracted. Even that 1.65m 42yo with super short hair woman that owns a bar or a shop... And if it's a really hot woman I literally lose my mind.


Akiba Citizen
Jun 20, 2007
Just my opinion, but I think bobbydaking has a point... you do have to realize that all this is just for show and to turn men on, but if you cannot do that, there is a tendency to feel inadequate when compared to some of these guys...again, wit the IR genre as well as porn in general, you have to keep it all in perspective..i.e., it's all just fantasy created to turn you on..otherwise, why bother looking at it? A part of it is that myth that all black men have gigantic members hat drive men wild...granted many do through their gene pool, but not all... as a very sexy woman once told's not the size but what you do with it...

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Apr 26, 2022
IRL women don't care that much about penis size, assuming that is what we're talking about. Some do, but for most it isn't that important.

Those big dicked guys have to be careful anyway. That guy "Mike" - the black guy who gets by far the most IR work in JAV, is particularly gentle with the women, even in r***/abuse titles. I can only assume it's because of his size. Long penises can be a problem in the vagina because they can punch the cervix and cause pain. In the anus, length is fine, but too much thickness can also cause pain. In American porn, there was a guy they called "Manaconda" who has a bigger dick than Mike. Never liked to watch his scenes because he would never push his cock much past a woman's lips, and never went all in during intercourse.

One important thing to understand is that only 25% of women can cum through intercourse alone. If you're going to make a woman cum, you're probably going to be using your tongue, not your penis.


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Jul 13, 2019
Back to business, nice and smooth.

We are enthusiasts of a niche among a niche, that is important.

I still find myself grateful that there are women in this world, specifically, a range of Japanese women that spans so many different attributes, who are willing to get banged out by sweaty ass fat black dudes for money, on camera.

Marina Shiraishi, a wife and mother with a plump and tantalizingly fuckable body, probably netted a respectable figure for these gems:


She fucks and sucks and gets cummed all over by our favorite crew, and she loved every second of that shit. Even in LA she held out pretty well where other experienced talent showed obvious discomfort. We get to watch her get pummeled, creampied and bukkaked with a smile on her face the whole damn time.

Real choice material. It is soo hard to pick favorites with JAV IR titles. I feel soo incredibly spoiled every time I pick through my collection, a collection which has benefitted greatly, and continues to benefit from what I find on this thread specifically.


Those fucking eyes! I love this shit way too much.


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Dec 21, 2018
I think it has been unhealthy for me to be so obsessed with interracial porn. It hurts my self-esteem somehow and raised unrealistic expectations of how the majority of people have sex. Do you guys let it (porn) cause problems to you?
To be honest, if you have sex with average girls, their eyes start rolling back when you put your pinky finger in them. Always remember, only a few women really like big dicks; it is pounding on their cervix, don't get me wrong, some women like that. Most women in porn are a different breed of women, and they are mostly nut cases, to begin with. My only problem with porn is that I'm checking out old women now. In the Japanese porn those dudes are not that big