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Immersive 3D Content and Enthusiasts (oh boy...)

Discussion in 'JAV Discussion' started by Casshern2, Sep 6, 2016.

  1. doggyfong

    doggyfong Member

    The only "new" law regarding AV is that companies are to stop distribution of the film or footage 5 years after the actress retires.
    And this was last year or 2 years ago.
    Hasn't heard or seen of any laws regarding censorship
  2. xaoeu

    xaoeu Member

    Sorry but nope, I don't use gear vr. You could just ask the developers themselves.
  3. shinta

    shinta ♡♡♡♡

    Oh boy, I must be dreaming... Mimi in a new VR title???
    DSVR-136 | 2019-04-26

    Casshern2 likes this.
  4. masked man

    masked man New Member

    OMG Mimi my love I can't believe it!!! So, is she out of retirement or is this just a VR title from a couple years ago?
  5. Bill Cliton

    Bill Cliton New Member

    I'm not gonna lie. I've been dreaming about getting these two titles for a looong time. They are impossible to find. I'm a huge fan of big asses and squirting. Kaho Shibuya is one of the best at both! So is Ootsuki Hibiki. These two videos from AVVR are some of the two that I am always out to look for but can never find a source. If anybody's got any links that would be really awesome.

    The one I would like the most is this one:
    avvr-146: Wゴージャスbodyテカテカdanceファック 澁谷果歩 共演:羽月希

    avvr-235: 任務失敗!!強制Wオナニーで潮吹きさせられてしまった潜入捜査官たち 大槻ひびき 佳苗るか

    Avvr has a lot of titles that are right up my alley, especially in their older videos. They've become so difficult to find now.
  6. AnitaYeh

    AnitaYeh Active Member

    I hav a question for all. Once you have 3dvr, do you still want 2d video or pics? Seems like a whole new world. Do you get sick of it anyone who has had it for a few years?

    Also, why does it feel everything is too close, like an inch from my nose? Ifeel crosseyed.
  7. Skudavi

    Skudavi Member

    I only watch 2D videos if they have my fav girls in it. If its too close something is wrong with your video settings or it was not recorded well in the 1st place.
  8. doggyfong

    doggyfong Member

    I still watch 2D videos, they are 2 different styles anyways.
  9. xaoeu

    xaoeu Member

    A fun thing you can try is to close one eye when watching 2d stuff. Normally when watching things on a monitor your brain interprets the monitor as a flat plane because that's really what it is (in 3d terms), the contents within that plane doesn't really matter. When you close one eye however your brain can't really tell how far away something is, so the monitor that was interpreted as a plane is now interpreted more like a window. This means if you're watching something on the monitor with one eye you will try to create the lacking depth information and things will look more 3d.

    Of course not as strong as VR 3D (which is actually stereoscopic) but still better than 2D I think. For me after using VR this "fake" 3D/depth got stronger too. You can also do this in VR with 360 degree monoscopic videos.