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Discussion in 'Tech Support' started by fhc, Jan 23, 2007.

  1. fhc

    fhc BRASIL, Rio de Janeiro .

    FIRST, you need to SET your japanese settings to JAPANESE.

    NOT USE APPLOCALE ! Applocale is TRASH !
    I hate Applocale !
    If you want to run a japanse game, You NEED to set your regional setting to JAPANESE !

    SECOND, you need to USE DAEMON TOOL.
  2. mike

    mike laughing man

    lol ok i finish read that. how long for make language setting tutorial? me must go to sleep in 30 minutes because have school tomorrow >_<

    btw thanks for that daemon tutorial
  3. fhc

    fhc BRASIL, Rio de Janeiro .

    The tutorial is finish, mike. enjoy.
  4. mike

    mike laughing man

    ok thank, wow tht mahjong game suck alot =.=
  5. fhc

    fhc BRASIL, Rio de Janeiro .

    I hate mahjong too, mike. I just take that game because I want ALL collection of Night Shift Nurses. and , of course, the hentai CG.

    But, I NOT finished the download yet... I am downloading ALL night shift nurses games and ALL animes too at same time. I NOT finished yet ANY of these downloads...

    The bad thing, I guess, ALL Night Shift Nurses NOT work with AGTH...

    But, I not care: This time, I am downloading it just for collection, not really to play...

    THE ANIME IS REALLY HOT! I SEE the episode 6 ! Because of that I want the whole collection !
  6. akuma2002

    akuma2002 Moe is my life!

    Hmm... AppLocale works fine for every japanese games i install... Settings the locale to japanese is very annoyous, you need to restart your comp, your accentuated characters are gone, and the backslash is changed to the yen symbol...
  7. Gaiarth

    Gaiarth Member

    Yep, I rarely have any trouble using AppLocale either.
  8. mike

    mike laughing man

    appLocale o_O is this another one of those programs like daemon tool with the spyware =.= this is y i dont actually do hentai becoz of all the spyware and virus crap that comes with apps and stuff required to run them but atm ive practically ran out of anime to download so ive started on hentai =.= so all these things like night shift nurses or woteva its called is TOTALLY new to me
  9. maohayato

    maohayato unknown loli

    applocale is an official app from MS

    setting regional and language setting to japanese is my preferred way in combination with alcohol120%.

    ofcourse installing a 100% japanese version of an OS is a good way too. :bingo:
  10. fhc

    fhc BRASIL, Rio de Janeiro .

    applocale is trash, I NOT like it.

    mike requested my help by private message, and , I created this WHOLE tutorial for him.

    I am in here always to help ALL shibuyabashi members.

    NOT use applocale, mike, believe in FHC.

    Use my tutorial and be happy.
  11. mike

    mike laughing man

    ive finished reading ur tutorials o_O but i have little problem now with one of the game so like theres sumthing missing that i needed to know o_O, still i tried the gamage agen and the same setence gets repeated into a loop >_<
    and installing new games is hard wen i only see ???????? ????? ????????? ???? tried to set regional settings but i got same result, downloaded alcohol and it was adware or sumthing and hooked onto one of my local settings files in the C drive =.=
  12. fhc

    fhc BRASIL, Rio de Janeiro .

    You REALLY read ALL my tutorials ? :sick:

    This is WEIRD : NOTHING goes well with you playing H GAMES !! :eek:mg:

    Maybe, The HEAVENS conspire against you. :petrfied:

    I guess, The HEAVENS NOT want you playing H GAMES. :innocence:

    I cannot help you anymore. I NOT have IDEA what is WRONG with your configuration... :why2:
  13. mike

    mike laughing man

    gah curses guess alll i can play is this stupid mahjong game >_< ITS NOT EVEN A H-GAME Y IS IT UNDER H-GAMES!!!!stupid night shift nurses mahjong

    ok wot about devote2?thats not working for me lol =.= wen i run it, only white screen appear and says sumthing in japanese and then it crashes. :runintears:
  14. zephyrBlack

    zephyrBlack New Member

    looks like it is time for an upgrade for you. XP.
  15. clint999

    clint999 Banned

    Yep, I rarely have any trouble using AppLocale either.
  16. jihadist

    jihadist Member

    What about Interact VR? That game requires that your motherboard is made in japan. Have you got that game working on your pc because I did all that you said and it still says your motherboard is not japanese and therefore cant start the game
  17. snusnusurvivor

    snusnusurvivor 25 star General

    Nice thread considering it was last updated in 07, followed the tutorials in the first page, still works!! Now only if I understand Japanese...
  18. elephant-Rady

    elephant-Rady New Member

    with the help of gprs u can install java games
  19. doow40

    doow40 Member

    AppLocale is not supported after Windows XP. The best way to run games is to change the locale of your system. However, some games will run using Locale-Emulator which is an open-sourced continuation of AppLocale.