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How to find house in/near Tokyo ?

Discussion in 'Random' started by kosinoyoh, Feb 15, 2017.

  1. kosinoyoh

    kosinoyoh Member

    I will study in Tokyo next month and Im finding a apartment/ mansion in/near Tokyo. I look at my school's dorm catalogue and thinking : wtf, 190000 yen for 2 years contract fee, 50000 yen for insurance, 214000 yen for management fee.... I must admit that the dorm worth it price... but I cant handle too many fee like that and look at apartment catalogue... well some apartment didnt require many fee like dorm but u got a house with nothing...and u need to buy manything, another matter is the cheaper the apartment is , the further you must travel to reach your school.

    Anyone got experience in living in Tokyo pls can you guide me or give me a website about finding a place to live in/near Tokyo pls. I can read Japanese so Japanese website is ok.
  2. LoliKing25

    LoliKing25 Active Member

    so, 1711.39 USD for a 2 year contract? is that PER month?
  3. kosinoyoh

    kosinoyoh Member

    Yeah, it is for 2 year contract、 not per month.