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How to Edit DVDS + Split Dual-Layer onto 2X Single-Layer

Discussion in 'Tech Support' started by thermidor, Jun 6, 2007.

  1. I always back up my DVDs and here's two useful tricks I've picked up along the way:

    To edit a DVD (for example strip out trailers or even a chapter/s you don't like), you can use this guide-
    -but don't use dvd shrink if it's too big, just use the next guide:

    To split a DVD- I've attached a zipped html file of a now defuct web guide to splitting a dual layer disk onto two single layer ones. Just click on the "18_4" file to open the web page image. If you have an ISO, you need to mount it on a virtual drive like daemon tools before "ripping" it as described in the first step of the guide...

    obviously you need various tools; just google for them if the direct links in the guides don't work

    Edit: I'll re-up the zip shortly...
    Edit2: done...