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hey oh.

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by DAMURDOC, Dec 23, 2006.


    DAMURDOC New Member

    hey there, since hongfire died i am looking for a new "torrent" forum. This seems to be the place.

    I also decided i had a few things to share as well.

    This forum needs members? well im here... 1 step at a time.
  2. fhc

    fhc BRASIL, Rio de Janeiro .

    shibuyabashi forum is the BEST place of the NET ! You will be very happy in here, I really sure :D
  3. RawD

    RawD bearded pirate

    Welcome DAMURDOC, hope you enjoy yourself here as much as you enjoyed HF. It was fun there, but it can be fun here too......

    Who is your avatar?
  4. Ether

    Ether flaming hobo

    welcome, and i hope you become an active member here :)