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Help identify this JAV actress?

Discussion in 'JAV Idol Identifications' started by evilgeko, Mar 13, 2018.

  1. evilgeko

    evilgeko New Member

  2. evilgeko

    evilgeko New Member

    Ok, after some digging, I found out her name is Hitomi Enjoji but can't find the exact movie name.
  3. Blooey

    Blooey Member

    Good job. I recognized her and spent time trying to dig up the movie from R18's screenshots, but the company (it turned out) is not listed there or on DMM. (Not on JavLibrary either... only a few FADs.)

    I researched, and here's a discussion on the FAD movies; I thought the FADs may now be listed under other prefixes, but I guess not.

    Anyway, this is the movie you're looking for:


    [FAD-1741] Daughter And Mom Same Sex Dna

    Hitomi Enjo (Enjoh, Enjoji)'s daughter is played by Miu Saotome (Love Saotome), and the second story features Maika Asai and Kana Ohori.

  4. evilgeko

    evilgeko New Member