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Hack-Proof? China Launches World’s 1st Quantum Communications Satellite

Discussion in 'Technology' started by Javvee, Aug 16, 2016.

  1. Javvee

    Javvee Well-Known Member

    The world’s first quantum communications satellite has

    been launched into orbit aboard a Long March-2D rocket.

    The main task of the Chinese satellite is to potentially secure
    communications in an age of cyberattacks and global
    electronic surveillance.

    The satellite has been tasked with testing out a potentially
    uncrackable communications system.

    The satellite QUESS will explore quantum teleportation by
    sending out keys from space to ground command using the
    principle of "quantum entanglement" an act of fusing two or
    more particles into complementary "quantum states".

    In practice, China hopes to send out photons from the satellite
    to two ground stations separated by about 1,200km (746 miles)
    which together form one entangled system.


    Operated by the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the satellite contains a

    quantum key communicator, a processing unit, a laser communicator
    quantum entanglement emitter, and entanglement source to transmit
    quantum keys to Earth.

    Quantum communication encryption is a unique method of encoding
    the content of a message as quantum keys are theoretically impossible
    to crack with the system detecting any intrusion attempts.

    For instance, when two people share an encrypted quantum message
    if a third person intercepts it, it will change in an unpredictable way.

    China hopes that the experimental quantum encryption programs will
    be instrumental in addressing information security concerns when the

    government, military and financial networks are becoming
    prime targets for espionage.

    The satellite QUESS is one of the National Space Science Center's
    "Strategic Priority Programs".

    If QUESS is successful, China hopes to erect an Asian-European
    quantum key distribution network by 2020, and a global quantum
    communications network in 2030.

    Welcome Photons and Teleportations
    The Future Of "Clean" Communications Is Here.

    "The US military must be very jealous and pissed off".
    Last edited: Aug 16, 2016
  2. ShogunXXX

    ShogunXXX Active Member

    Seems a good news :D I wish China would be manufacture and market more hardware for PC, so that we can be less depended from the US made.