[FRNC-010] - Nao Jinguuji 神宮寺ナオ - Meiku Matsuoka 松岡芽郁 - フレンチ❤キス French Kiss


Akiba Citizen
Nov 28, 2015
She is normally known with her usual AV name Jinguuji Nao (神宮寺ナオ) but in this old release (I think her first gravure movie, but not first movie) she uses the name Matsuoka Meiku (松岡芽郁).

Released in 2018-04-23

The code of the movie: FRNC-010

Title of the movie: フレンチ❤キス French Kiss
(apparently the english translation doesn't include the ❤, at least the cover doesn't have it)

1080p MP4 is 4.60GB

720 MP4 is 1.99GB

A kind Akiba member helped me to buy this movie, so I bought the original FUll HD 1080p & also made an 720p conversion of it.
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