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FileSonic, Oron Users Hit With Piracy Lawsuit

Discussion in 'Filehost Discussion' started by ardo, Jul 31, 2012.

  1. ardo

    ardo Member

    Flava Works, known for winning its landmark lawsuit against MyVidster, a case which involved Google, Facebook and even the MPAA, is now targeting two prominent file-hosting services and 26 of their users.

    In a complaint filed at a federal court in Illinois, the cyberlockers are joined by 26 John Doe defendants who stand accused of sharing copyrighted material. These files were also allegedly shared on several other cyberlockers including FileServe, Hotfile and RapidShare.


    The complaint characterizes FileSonic as an “illegitimate” outfit, a description repeated for Oron.

    “On information and belief, at all relevant times, Filesonic.com is not a legitimate file storage company. Filesonic.com’s affiliates reward program offered members the opportunity to make money by uploading copyrighted videos.”

    “Affiliates members are paid based upon the number of downloads of their posted materials and based upon how many other premium memberships were bought by users accessing Filesonic.com through the member’s links.”

    It is unclear why Flava Works has singled out these two file-hosting services as the complaint also mentions that Hotfile, Fileserve and Rapidshare were used to share files. Filesonic in particular seems to be an odd choice since the cyberlocker disabled public file-sharing months ago, which led to an exodus of users.

    For Oron, this is the second lawsuit brought against the site this summer. Last month adult studio Corbin Fisher sued the company for no less than $34.8 million for alleged copyright infringements. As part of a settlement, Oron then offered to assist the studio prosecute its own users.

  2. CFUD

    CFUD Member

    This is some seriously fucked up shit.
    I was halfway through an oron download.

    I hope the internet gets together and catalogs the entire Flava Works library on other filesharing hosts or something.
  3. ardo

    ardo Member

    Turns out Flava Works is a fag outfit...


    I hear you. I was an Oron user for a long time; some of the best material was off of Forumophilia, which converted to Oron almost exclusively a couple of years ago.

    I just browsed over there a minute ago. The admin and mods have their heads in the sand. Some members are trying to point out the huge FAIL with Oron, but to no avail.

    Once again, another excuse to go back to the future... USENET.
  4. CFUD

    CFUD Member

    Oh good, I have another reason to hate gays now.
    And this time, it's validated.
  5. Sutanicus

    Sutanicus New Member

    Oron Down -Lawsuit.

    Basically thats it. Oron is being sued, their accounts are frozen & they cant afford to keep their hosting service up. Also they are offering in a settlement bid to provide all information, bank details etc to those hosting any property of those sueing them.