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FileJoker is not right for us

Discussion in 'Feedback & Suggestions' started by NastyBoy251, Oct 13, 2015.

  1. NastyBoy251

    NastyBoy251 Member

    FileJoker has failed as a good upload host. Most of its uploaded files can no longer be found. We need a more stable File Hosting site to support and be a partner with.
  2. ReiOtaku

    ReiOtaku Rei Kuromiya Till I Die!

    You will find that a majority of the filejoker links have been DCMA'd, something that is outside of any filehosts control. At least that is the case with where I frequent, not sure about the rest of the forum.

    Those that don't comply with these requests wouldn't last long in this climate of copyright litigation.

    I am afraid we will simply have to deal with it.
  3. pikuseru

    pikuseru Well-Known Member

    I am currently in the process of downloading a 20 part file from FileJoker, my first experience with FIleJoker. I'm at part 12 and already at least 2 times now the downloads stop before finishing for no apparent reason, meaning have to wait and then download again. After this file, never again. That's all I have to say.
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  4. NastyBoy251

    NastyBoy251 Member

    It has now gotten worse. The timer freezes when you're not on the webpage. There are also unwritten "free download slots". This cannot continue. We need something better than Filejoker.
  5. jongroove

    jongroove Active Member

    Filejoker is EXTREMELY disappointing. The number one problem for me is a three day 40 G limit on downloads, averaging 13.3 G per day. If you are downloading ISO Movies that is only 2-3 movies per day.

    Is there any way we can switch to a host with unlimited downloads? Who should I address this to ?

    Thank you
    Last edited: Nov 29, 2016
  6. ozephyero

    ozephyero Active Member

    Anyone know what's the approx wait time now? I think it is still dependent on the size of the file you previously downloaded but even for small files it seems a lot longer. Instead of the actual wait time, they purposefully put the ambiguous message of "No free download slots are available at this time."
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  7. PJB

    PJB Well-Known Member

    Am I only one getting repeated captcha requests even with Premium? Its making things really time consuming.
  8. randomdlfan

    randomdlfan New Member

    Long time premium filejoker user here, its gotten really slow for downloads and frequent disconnects mean the retry's burn through my daily quota because each attempt takes the filesize from your quota each time. Total crap.
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  9. tonsteinescherben

    tonsteinescherben New Member

    i would actually recommend to look into usenet providers. more secure than filehosting and universally useable. you're not limited to one provider. if you use one provider, someone else with a different provider still has access to the files, because it's shared in one network instead of just a site.
  10. lraiden

    lraiden Active Member

    I agree. I just signed up for this POS host. Wish I researched about them first. Nowhere so these as$#holes mention the limit or maybe I didn't see the fine print. Why does this site use them? Money? I almost sure that what it is. I see a lot of sites are using them. Bad for downloaders, but I'm sure it's good for someone else's pocket.
  11. lraiden

    lraiden Active Member

    oh and the name suits them. File Joker LOL.
  12. ReiOtaku

    ReiOtaku Rei Kuromiya Till I Die!

    Not being read in on the circumstances but I imagine these are a few of the reasons filejoker is used here;

    1. Pays to maintain the server and costs of the forum.

    2. Dont particularly mind the content being shared (Porn, J-Idols etc)

    3. Doesnt mind the near constant DCMA requests that originate from AO.

    4. Lack of competitors that offer 1 - 3 at the same time.

    I should imagine, if anybody knows any company out there that offers a similar service but better/cheaper/more secure or even just more user friendly I am sure the owners/admins would be happy to check them out.

    As a footnote, I agree they are rubbish but I dont click filejoker links because I know its rubbish before I start. But i dont know of an alternative so I assume they are the best for whats needed.
  13. catalyst_jp

    catalyst_jp New Member

    I'm sorry I want to ask about filejoker . I 've been using filejoker premium account quite long. I have problem for download since about 5 days ago. the connection /download speed is very slow around 5 - 20 kiB/s, Usually I got 1 - 1.5 MB/s. Is it anyone here got the same problem or it's just me? I even try to download from different place, but still the same. I have contacted the filejoker CS too, they ask me to turn off my firewall and antivirus but nothing changes. Anyone please give me some info? Thank you very much
  14. silat

    silat New Member

    Yes. Hence this thread.
  15. pleesio

    pleesio Member

    I have another question,? could it be that filejoker also has to to with the very small number of new daily FREE Jav torrent downloads
    today for example i see only 2 new titles so far. Only 1 year ago there were more than 40 new titles a day here,anybody knows why that is?
    Looks like Akiba is bleeding to a slow death.
    Last edited: Mar 16, 2017
  16. claneksi

    claneksi New Member

    So, does the problem fixed itself for you? I'm having the same trouble now and it's super frustrating. haha Asked the CS, but still nothing from them. Funnily enough I can get a bit more speed downloading without my premium account which is ridiculous.
  17. CoolKevin

    CoolKevin Nutcase on the loose Staff Member Super Moderator

    and why are you complaining here, the more that complain in the right thread, the more filejoker may listen
  18. cavarrone

    cavarrone Member

    I have subscribed Filejoker from less than a week, enough time to realize it is one of the worst services I ever subscribed and we need something better:

    1. They lowered their traffic limit to 50 Gb/5 days, which means no more than 300 Gb a month. They don't say that before you subscribe, they do not even say that AFTER you subscribe. I discovered that only after I realized they were not rechanging my traffic limit after four days.

    2. If you save some Gb from your five days limit, they will get lost.

    3. If you resume an interrupted download, even if only miss 1 kb, they will remove the whole size of the file from your available traffic. As long as downloads sometimes happen to disconnect, if you are downloading a 2 Gb file you risk to spend 6 Gb of your traffic.

    4. Same when you decide to interrupt a download (eg. from the preview you realize it is a fake). Even if you have downloaded only 2 Mb, they will remove 2 Gb.

    5. Contact service is sloooow in replying.

    6. Files expire/disappear quickly. Certainly quicklier than services such as Rapidgator or Depositfiles.

    7. Given this kind of service, the price is definitely expansive.
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  19. WillEater

    WillEater Well-Known Member

    Create a file host company.
    Allow questionable content to upload.
    Charge for downloading questionable content.
    Throttle this content to avoid data charges from ISP.
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  20. Casshern2

    Casshern2 Senior Member...I think

    Outstanding and simple breakdown...
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