Fighting action


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Oct 21, 2021
Some time ago I discovered videos involving fights. I'd say there are two kind of videos (regardless of the presence of men). One of them are "hardcore" fights. Obviously it's fiction and it's all scripted, but I'm sure some of those idols aren't regular porn actresses. Probably they also do catfights (idk how are these "fights" called in Japan) because some scenes are pretty harsh.

For example RCT-336, RCT-865. I think the company that made these videos finished that series and started with RCTD, but I haven't seen RCTD videos as rough as RCT ones.



Then there are other videos where the fight part is way softer and are more focused on sex. Those scenes usually follows the plot "woman loses (or wins) against a man/woman and then gets abused by a large group". There are a lot of these videos RCTD-281 or SHK-D872 so it's easy to find them.

So the question is: how you find rough videos? Because the few I have are not in HD so it worries me they don't have videos like those anymore.


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May 9, 2021
I like the "against the rapist" series

In this series a girl is first shown being trained in a fighting art- wrestling, judo, even kendo. Then she is put into the ring with consecutive opponents, who try to forcibly undress her. There is a referee, male spectators surrounding the ring, rounds etc. The fights look very realistic. When last piece of her clothing is removed, all the spectators rush in to grab her and she is forcibly fucked as she keeps resisting.

I wonder if the girl gets more money the longer she resists being undressed? In one of the videos (SDMS-591) there was a variation- 4 real fighters (thai boxers, karatekas and kickboxers) were to be raped, by 1, 2, 3, and 4 opponents. The girl who was to be raped by one opponent punched him in the throat, kicked him in tha balls, and he gave up (I wonder if she got paid ;) )

I especially like SDMT-147 and SDM-802.


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Nov 5, 2021
It's not new or HD, but there were the AVW Fuckdown (like Smackdown) and the eRaw (pronounced in Japanese like "ero") events back in the early 2000s.

16awf003pl.jpg 16awe001pl.jpg

These were much more like American Pro Wrestling in terms of staging. They were held in a small arena in front of hundreds of fans, and usually ended up with sex - though not rape-like. (The most 'realistic' thing I can remember about it was the tag team match where they brought in a black actor who had trouble getting it up in front of such a crowd. :p )

These two events, as well as a lot of the paraphernalia releases ("Prologue to eRaw!" "Epilogue to the Prologue of eRaw!" ad nauseum) were eventually released with no censorship. So again, not exactly HD, but good in its own way.

This merchant site has preview videos & screenshots, and will sell the uncensored versions as downloadable videos.