Doujinshi`s - how to be up-to-date?


Loli Collector
Apr 30, 2007
Hello, sorry to bother a second time, its just galge and doujinshi give me at the moment really trouble... with eorge i can at least update on shoppages...

Doujinshis... ok there is 2 times a year comiket, but they are selled for sure on other conventios to right? How can someone be uptodate and dont miss any doujinshi? Is there a Website every Circle updates? It cant be to watch all hundrets of circle websites... you know there is baka-updates for fansub releases, for manga release info, but is there something similar for doujinshis?

The problem that they dont have a JAN or ISBN because they are fanmade makes it pretty hard to track them down, ok there are batch torrents for comiket but is this then every doujinshi? or still possible to miss something?

Sorry to bother with this, but i really dont know a way to follow new doujinshi releases... you know mangas or games you can at least follow in stores like getchu, amazon or others but doujinshis are pretty hard to follow. Mandarake and other stores sell "used" ones so if they get new doujinshi dosent mean its really new, you get what i mean?

If somone has at least one answer or helpful information i would really be happy, thanks in advance, really! and sorry for the trouble and my englishskillz!