Does your GF/Sig Other let you cum on their face?

Where do you like to cum on your partner?

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B.B.B. creator, since 2004 (officially!)
Aug 13, 2021
Well my significant other always says that she'd love it if I ejaculated onto her face, but truth be told she prefers creampies and such.

She does however allow me to cum pretty much anywhere on her, except inside her mouth. She doesn't enjoy the taste nor texture at all, but she has mentioned on more than one occasion that my precum tastes nothing as revolting as the other guys she had tasted in the past, so that's a good note!

My preference has always been facials, even before I knew what a facial was. I never saw a facial cumshot until my first porn flick, and was quite happy to see that I wasn;t the only one who enjoyed that!

But I do enjoy cumming all over the place myself. I'm a voyeur so I like to see and watch, and so external cumshots are my preference.



Jun 28, 2021
Armpits definitely, got a few GF thinks it's sexy. Sometimes on the tits and if anal, inside.