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Does sex and music mix together?

Discussion in 'Adult Discussion' started by Muz1234, Sep 6, 2020.

  1. Muz1234

    Muz1234 Active Member

    Does sex and music mix together or both of it are different in its way?
  2. watermouse588

    watermouse588 New Member

    Yes my dear Muz1234, the longer you listen to Rap music the longer your penis becomes. I think for every 10sec you listen to Rap, your penis will grow about 1 inch longer.
    So what are you waiting for Muz, turn of that Kanye West songs ...
  3. blueredder

    blueredder 筋肉熟女 の 愛好家 The Muscle Madam Worshipper

    Maybe if you like to combine your favorite JAV scenes with songs of your choice for music videos.:wink:
  4. kharo88

    kharo88 Akiba Citizen

    I have long dreamed about making a video montage using clips from Moodyz's and IdeaPocket's tight skirt teacher series to Van Halen's Hot for Teacher, but I just don't have the know-how or the will to pull it off. :madesu:
    blueredder likes this.
  5. blueredder

    blueredder 筋肉熟女 の 愛好家 The Muscle Madam Worshipper

    You just need to have a decent video editing program, the videos, the song, the knowhow, and not feel tempted to be horny every time you edit, or else progress slows.