Did It Go Wrong or Was It My Imagination Thread?


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May 25, 2017
I was taking a break from watching Monster. A cute, crazy, endearing K-movie(2018?) about a simple-mind, young girl who is "slow". And her search for a serial killer for revenge. Honestly, the movie isn't super great, but when I need to laugh I watch this

Anyways, in part to @Zhonda, who knowingly made me think of this thread. Because he loves slaps.

**This thread is NOT about grips. This thread is about scenes in JAV... that you 'FEEL' OR 'KNOW' "It Went Wrong".
So let me give you an example.
I remember I was watching this JAV long time ago(I can't remember the name) and the weird looking guy slap the actress ass multiple times. Was it hard? I don't know. But it did seem to annoy the actress. She was playing a 'mannequin'.

So until that happen everything was good. But then a little ways into the scene it became edited. The actor was real quiet and that scene ended rather quickly imo.

So... did it GO WRONG or Was It My Imagination?:D

One more. I subbed a movie Time Stop. RctD-404. A bath scene had all the actresses. At one point. One of the actress went under water. Of course I am certain the scene was planned and everyone paid attention. But people have drown in the bath too.
The reaction from the other actresses and even the actress herself...seemed off. Maybe they are told to acted "concern".
Anyways I included pictures below.

So...did it GO WRONG or Was It My Imagination? lol:D That is the basic of this thread.

*Also remember this thread can be about...
1. scenes or the story suddenly changed which makes it different than before.
2. actresses or actors suddenly being replaced or disappear.
3. Someone or something standing in the scene. *Remember the 'infamous" 3 Men and A Baby" ghost story?
4. Maybe the cover shows a completely different movie.

Anything that seems off or not part of the story originally. No matter how big or small.
And be civil please. This is a fun thread for everyone:p

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