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Daemons, tools,hints and tips for gamers

Discussion in 'Game Discussion' started by techie, May 14, 2009.

  1. techie

    techie SuupaOtaku

    As a simple hint for beginners to gaming, I believe the following tips and tricks can be useful.

    Also since 95% of all users are on Windows, this guide is directed towards windows users only.

    Other and better tools or means of use are found in numerous forums for their respective O/S's

    So here it goes. You can jump between the Q's and A's as you see fit for your particular purpose.



    Q: How do I mount an ISO file from my hard-disk without burning a CD/DVD?

    A: You need a virtual drive for this to work.

    Many recommend a tool called DaemonTools, but in my personal experience this tool has a few drawbacks. One of the largest is that someone once wrote a very nasty trojan and named it the same as a driver file in use by DaemonTools. This driver in itself may also conflict with your DVD burners, anti-virus or anti spy-ware applications.

    I therefore consistently recommend using a free application from SlySoft called Virtual Clone Drive. This is the same company that got in trouble for making a DVD-ripper to good, so they removed their free version of CloneDVD.

    You can get SlySoft CloneDrive from

    Installing it is very simple by the following steps.

    1. Download the installer.

    2. Double click the installer.

    3. Reboot if asked as this loads the driver.

    4. Open My Computer on your system.

    5. You should now see a new drive on your file system indicated with a drive letter and a sheep icon.

    6. In the start menu you can navigate to the settings of CloneDrive and add more than one virtual disk if needed.
    This will allow you to mount/load several iso files at once.

    Keep in mind that iso files loaded from different drives may not be recognized in your installation from the cloned drive.
    This is due to the installation system often checking which drive you are running the disk 1 from, before asking you for a second disk. (The famous "Insert Disk 2 and click OK to continue" syndrome in large games.)


    Q: How do I mount a disk/iso file in Virtual Clone Drive?

    A: Double click the ISO file if you allowed the ISO extensions to be associated with Virtual Clone Drive

    Alternatively you can open My Computer, right click the virtual drive letter with a sheep icon and select Mount. Then browse to the ISO file you wish to mount.


    Q: How do I unmount the disk/iso file in Virtual Clone Drive?

    A: Open My Computer, right click the virtual disk (sheep icon) and select unmount.


    Q: When I load installation from a mounted disk, the installation runs in full screen mode.
    How do I "Insert disk #" when I cant see the folders?

    A: This is very simple.

    Windows allows a user to navigate between all application windows that are open simply using the keyboard.
    ALT+TAB (meaning hold down the alt key when clicking the tab key) will jump between open applications.

    Open the folder containing all ISO's required for an installation.

    Keep the folder open on your desktop.

    Close other applications which you don't need to have open.

    Double click to mount the first disk of the set of ISO files.

    If there is a so-called AUTORUN.INF file on the ISO (which it in most cases is)
    it should automatically bring up the installation executable.

    Run the installation as you normally would.

    When prompted to "Insert disk X and clock OK to continue" (where X is the number of the disk)
    Simply click ALT+TAB to jump to the folder view again.

    Double click the next ISO file to mount it. This is the same as inserting it in your virtual drive.

    ALT+TAB back to the installer again.

    Click OK to continue.

    Keep in mind there may be a small delay in the time for the virtual drive to recognize and mount your ISO.
    If this happens, you normally have to click RETRY if the installer cannot immediately find your disk/drive.

    Now for something different.



    Q: I got this really cool game. Now where do I find cheat codes for it.

    A: That completely depends on the game, but I will try to add a few links for you here as I find them. I will see if there is a way I can implement a suggestions link here too, so I don't have to do all additions manually by myself searching for them online.

    List of Cheat Codes Found On-Line

    www.CheatHappens.com <- my personal favorite

    http://www.cheatinfo.de, http://www.cheatchannel.com
    <- torrent attached below for off line database of 17,000 + cheats
    (see CheatBook database 2009)

    ...more to be added later


    I may come back and add more information later so I made this topic sticky for now.

    Please don't reply to this thread directly unless for the purpose of submitting suggestions to Cheat Code resources.

    Do not post download links, torrents or other such information here as there are dedicated forum threads for that kind of posts.

    This post is simply added for fast start up guides for beginning gamers.
    No guarantees or suitability for a particular purpose or platform is implied or expressed.

    If you have technical questions or need help with a specific issue, please find the topics related to your issue in the forum areas named...

    Technical Support

    Game Discussion

    Game Torrents

    Game Downloads
  2. JLC

    JLC New Member

  3. Kenpachi God

    Kenpachi God Cpt. Of the 11th Squad

    not a bad list of cheats thx it helped a good bit