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could someone explain me how is the request system in this forum please

Discussion in 'Tutorials' started by 3island18, Nov 24, 2014.

  1. 3island18

    3island18 New Member

    hello. not exactly "new" here. been registered here since... I forgot... 2005? :p anyway I usually just read posts, get stuffs, all in solemn silence, fear that my useless post would desecrate this holy forum lol. only sometimes post some thankyous to the uploaders.

    been a long time since I logged in here, just got internet back after uh... some years. anyway, the urge for JAV is back, so... and Akiba Online has changed format since, that I think I need to tread here carefully now.

    so how to do request properly here, guys?

    my fave genre mainly is about fellatio stuffs. FS Knights Visual vids are the stuffs I must seen and have all :) kinda late for the party here, with all new Desioner's HD version of the old stuffs, wow, Tsubomi, Miura Junna, how many times I fapped on the avi/mp4 lol. time to get those HD and replace my old crappy avi/mp4. and the newer ones, too, of course.

    I did try to do search on this forum, and did find some of the stuffs, unfortunately for some older stuffs, the links are all dead, obviously.

    I see Request and Trade. but I'm not sure I can request something which are already exist(ed) on the net, but dead links now? I think Request and Trade is for requesting stuffs which is completely new or rare, haven't exist yet on the net (for free). but I could be wrong.

    anyway, I want to know the proper ways to do things here, adhere to the rules and all. don't wanna went blind requesting and made myself looking like an idiot, and desecrate this great forum I so love :) do I just post under the thread with the dead links requesting reup and hoping for the best?

    or do I PM directly the uploader? I did downloaded some FS Knights Visual vids which the links are still alive. in the thread made by My House Akiba. great reup, thx My House Akiba. appreciate the Rapidgator and Uploadable.ch links and 520 MB per part, exactly fit my budget. thinking to PM the man, but I'm scared lol.

    or do I, gods forbid, PM Desioner, the man himself? now I'm really scared lol

    Please guide me to the correct way :) thanks
  2. CoolKevin

    CoolKevin Nutcase on the loose Staff Member Super Moderator

    requesting for dead links being re-upped, on an ordinary post/thread just add it on to that thread as a latest post, if it is in the super heroine thread there is a request thread for it, and there is a link in the first post,

    if it is has not been posted before, there is a request for all groups, in your case you mentioned JAV, so you can request your favourite film there, and also request your preferred, file host
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  3. 3island18

    3island18 New Member

    thanks for the reply. so far the FS Knight Visual I'm looking for are all in torrent graveyard. so I think it's safe to create a post in the Request & Trade section? I'll try to post there and see.

    Thank you.