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Contact JAV actress?

Discussion in 'JAV Discussion' started by Muz1234, Aug 4, 2020.

  1. Muz1234

    Muz1234 Active Member

    I like to contact Yui Uehara, where can I find her contact information?
  2. ramp_it_up

    ramp_it_up Active Member

    Find her Twitter and simp out to her photos.
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  3. Muz1234

    Muz1234 Active Member

    She dis-activated her Twitter...
  4. Negan

    Negan Member

    If no social media you probably can't contact them!
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  5. Inertia

    Inertia Akiba Citizen

    If her SNS is offline and she isn't filming, then perhaps she doesn't want fans to contact her.
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  6. elfineer

    elfineer Member

    I met Ruri Narumiya via a delivery health service a few years back. I booked her for the entire day. My wife and her traded Line accounts and still chat on and off to this day.
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  7. Casshern2

    Casshern2 Senior Member...I think

  8. Muz1234

    Muz1234 Active Member

  9. Besh

    Besh Active Member

    Social Networking Service
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  10. elfineer

    elfineer Member

    Yeah booked. At the time her rate was 300/hour. Booked her for the whole day for 12 hours but she hung out with us for much longer.
  11. ramp_it_up

    ramp_it_up Active Member

    What did you guys do?
  12. elfineer

    elfineer Member

    You want to know the full play by play or high level summary that she just did health services while my wife took care of some errands.
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  13. ramp_it_up

    ramp_it_up Active Member

    The play by play, I'm at work I have nothing else to do. lol
  14. elfineer

    elfineer Member

    I got you. My wife setup a 10 AM appointment with the health service place. I forgot the name but this was back in 2013? We walked out of the hotel we were staying at and went to this love hotel my wife and I went to the last time we visited Tokyo. We got the entire day through the night. This place comes with everything. Soap mattress, drinks, condoms, etc. My wife stayed in the hotel and gave me directions to go meet Ruri near the agency office and walk her back to the hotel. I don't know any Japanese so most of the time we used Google Translate. Got back to the love hotel and my wife said something in Japanese and they both laughed. My wife said no anal but she is open to everything else. My wife left to go do errands for a few hours and from there it was just myself and Ruri.

    She started by taking off her clothes and then my clothes and neatly folding them. She showered us, gave me a blow job (no condom), I asked her to pee on me and she laughed (yeah I am a freak lol), she pee'd on my chest but I went for it and just popped my mouth right under and enjoyed the view and show. She called me baka and just sat on my face and grinded me. Afterwards we washed up and headed over to the bed. Usual sex stuff I guess, 69, rimming, and a lot of my grabbing, smelling, and licking her everywhere. On goes the condom. Multiple positions and I came in her mouth/face. We laid on the bed afterwards and used Google Translate to talk. She asked me how long we have been married, what I do for a living, what we are doing in Japan, and what was the plan for the rest of the day. That was about 2 hours or so.

    My wife walked in with some snacks and we all decided to go grab some lunch at a near by restaurant. Most of that lunch was just listening to my wife and Ruri talk about random stuff. We grabbed ice cream and went back to the love hotel afterwards. Initially my wife had another late afternoon haircut appointment that got canceled so she asked me/Ruri if it was okay to be in the room. That worked out well lol.

    We got in the shower room together and out came the nuru matress. My wife on one side and Ruri on the other. I couldnt understand anything but just laid there and enjoyed. Ruri was showing my wife her technique and my wife was trying her best to copy lol. Ruri started to give me a prostate massage and she went in deep while she was giving me a blow job. We did a lot of that for what felt like an hour. We rinsed off and headed to the bed. I laid on the bed and Ruri began giving me another blow job while my wife sat on my face while in the direction of Ruri. They said something in Japanese. Out of the blue, Ruri mounted me without condom. I freaked out a bit but my wife said its okay and she already discussed this with Ruri while we were showering. I guess my wife told Ruri that I love watching her AV videos while having sex with my wife back at home. Ruri thought it was hentai that I used my wife as an onanie toy while watching her AV. I am sure she thought it was creepy too lol. Ruri hopped off me and my wife cleaned my dick up by giving me a blow job and Ruri sat on my face. My wife mounted me from that point while I enjoyed Ruri's taste. The nice part was I got to sample Ruri's pussy along with my wife's when they were both in doggy style. Ruri's pussy is amazing but damn my wife has a fucking solid one as well. I couldn't tell which was better to be honest. I mean I went back and forth several times. The only request Ruri had was to not cum inside her and I was totally fine with that. I came inside my wife laid back. To my surprise Ruri licked my wife clean and did cum play right in front of me. Afterwards we just passed out on the bed together.

    We woke up just before 6 and decided to go grab dinner together. That dinner was so great, sushi! Having two girls serve you is really nice. My wife showed Ruri photos of our trip to Korea and Thailand. They talked a lot about different topics and my wife was trying to translate most of the time. I thought after dinner we would just say good bye to Ruri and head back to the love hotel and chill out for the rest of the night. Ruri said there was a couple of hours left and she did not have anything to do for the rest of the night.

    We went to Lawsons or 7/11 (I forget) to pick up some snack and drinks) before going to the love hotel. My wife is a one and done type of person for sex and she was tired from hustling errands earlier in the day. Ruri chatted with my wife a bit and my wife translated that Ruri didn't mind recording a video. FUCK YEAH!!! So my wife ended up recording Ruri and me having sex. All the good angels, POV style and third person.

    After that last round my wife made a comment saying I had that kind of energy with her lol. Ruri and I jumped in the shower, I fondled her up some more lol. Ruri was going to leave but she seemed really tired so my wife asked if she wanted to stay. We ended up watching Japanese TV shows for the rest of the night. The morning was nice because Ruri surprised me with blow job to wake me up and asked to keep quiet so we don't wake up my wife. Ruri and I ended up going for another round and we caught my wife secretly doing onanie. I asked my wife if she wanted to get in but declined. My wife enjoyed watching Ruri and me go at it.

    Afterwards we all showered together. Ruri really took the time to wash me well and thanked my wife for letting her share. They both laughed. I got one last kiss on the head from Ruri and dried off. Ruri got her things together and traded Line chat accounts with my wife. She told my wife that this was the last week she was working and really enjoyed us as one of her last customers. Ruri left first. My wife and I stayed a bit to clean up the room and left shortly after.
  15. ramp_it_up

    ramp_it_up Active Member

    :hot::hot::hot: that was dope
  16. ramp_it_up

    ramp_it_up Active Member

    :hot::hot::hot: that was dope
  17. elfineer

    elfineer Member

    Haha yeah. My wife is easy going. Ruri gave me the panty she was wearing that day. My wife used to wear it when she really wanted to get it going... these days she does not wear it anymore. Mainly because my wife wore Ruri's panties... now we have a baby... and there is just no time for that kind of foreplay anymore :(
  18. Muz1234

    Muz1234 Active Member

    300 dollars? JAV actress charge you if you like to have sex with them?

    Ruri Narumiya is my favourite JAV actress lists.
  19. blueredder

    blueredder 筋肉熟女 の 愛好家 The Muscle Madam Worshipper

    :malu2::maaf:Man, that was a wonderful story to read, I'm happy you got to share the experience with your wife! You sound like a really great couple. I hope you at least kept the panty as a treasured souvenir of that day.
  20. elfineer

    elfineer Member

    Yeah my wife is great. She treats that as a business transaction lol. I paid for goods and services in return for entertainment. I am not going to run off with Ruri nor is she going to run off with me hahahaha.
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