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Discussion in 'Dolls and Figures' started by shaniandras2787, Jun 4, 2015.

  1. shaniandras2787

    shaniandras2787 New Member

    Do you guys have a hobby like collecting figurine and stuffs?

    I developed the love for Transformers back in the 1980s and have started collecting the toys/figurines since then.

    This is one of the many figures I have, the iconic Optimus Prime.

    I'm sure one of you should have the hobby of collecting at least the Gundam models.

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  2. Bigbadham

    Bigbadham New Member

    this looks like the American version of it. this is pretty cool one. I also got one, but it is the Japanese version.

    The Megatron 2.0 is coming soon. This version has done a much better job of the legs than its earlier version.


    here is the picture of Megatron 1.0

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