Christmas Rose 聖誕玫瑰 (2013)


Ninja Pig
Jan 15, 2009

Genre: Drama/Suspense

Director: Charlie Young

Cast: Aaron Kwok, Gwei Lun Mei, Chang Chen, Xia Yu, Liu Kai Chi, Qin Hailu, Wan Qian, Pat Ha

RunTime: 1 hr 30 mins

Rating: PG13 (Some Sexual References)

Opening Day: 23 May 2013


Tim (Kwok) is a defence attorney with a heart of gold. Refusing to be simply a hired gun for his clients, he quits his high-powered job to become a prosecutor for the Justice Department.With the support of fiancee Megan and cop buddy Nam (Liu Kai Chi), Tim decides to start afresh. When he meets a handicapped piano teacher, Jing (Gwei), who urges him to help her. She is accusing her doctor, Zhou (Chang) a renowned surgeon of sexual harassment during a routine check-up. But with no witnesses and only their own conflicting testimonies, a Rashomon-like mystery unfolds. To make matters worse, Zhou's defence attorney, Freddy, is Tim's successor at his old law firm, and proves to be Tim's toughest opponent to-date. As a media frenzy encircles the case, it slowly destroys the lives of everyone involved.


Language: Cantonese 

Subtitles: Simplified Chinese