Can JAV actresses choose who they have sex with? (long read)

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Active Member
Nov 18, 2008
Thanks for the article!

Regarding buff Kuroda vs chubby Taku: If you are a gym rat like what Kuroda's physique suggests, you probably don't have much energy and desire for sex, even females. I know because I was (all gyms are now closed) one lol. Interestingly, this also applies to girls.


Akiba Citizen
Feb 24, 2014
Kuroda looks gay as fuck. If Taku acts normally, not licking the girl like a frog, I prefer watching Taku. Too bad I don't think I can recall a movie where he isn't acting like a crazy dude. And Kuroda, besides looking gay, is boring to watch (rabbit sex does nothing to me).
And I'm not saying he looks gay because I'm jealous of Kuroda. He is short and I'm probably more buff than him as I'm 101kg for 1m85 (cuz being shredded isn't my thing as you look average with a shirt on. At least when you are natural. Being 18-22% BF, even with clothes on, you look buff with still good muscle definition).


Oct 23, 2018
I'm like sure they can choose who they would work with. Anri Okita is one my type but i've never seen her have sex with an old guy or maybe some ugly fat or thin guy which is my fetish. She would always have sex with a muscular guy or a guy with toned body, usually guys around her age.


Akiba Citizen
Sep 13, 2015
I wonder how much comfort factors into this one. Not just the actress being comfortable with the actor in general, but when it comes to sex. I remember that article about how penis size doesn't need to be big and I think Taku also seems to reinforce that. I'm starting to get worried... :D


New Member
Jan 17, 2021
I believe that choosing a partner is a working moment that is discussed when entering into an agreement with porn actors. I watched the interview of the actress from she said that there is always an opportunity to choose a partner. After all, only partners are comfortable with each other, then everything on the video will look very beautiful.
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Jermaine Lou

New Member
Feb 16, 2021
Anyhow girls are very complicated in nature, they can like a guy because of their muscular body & penis length at one moment but suddenly changes their preference to romantic & loving guy.

Maybe these AV actresses who prefer Taku-san generally wanted to feel belonged & desired by the male because most AVs I’ve seen are generally hard fingering & then banging non-stop with not much kissing & cuddling.

If you guys have experience with girls, you would know that sex is more about chemistry, attraction & romance but the AV industry is devoid of those so Taku-san being the older & experienced guy tend to bring those in bed.