Blood/Virginity prop


Apr 26, 2020
Just saw MUDR-047. Wondering if any other video has ever tried this.

Do you know of any other examples of using fake blood to simulate Virginity?


we all make mistakes
Jun 6, 2007
this one comes to mind. not sure if it’s real blood. the guy slips in her without so much as a flinch from either party. a minute later, she looks like lizzie borden after a workout. might be ketchup. but ketchup is good stuff. they say, “if it smells like fish, eat it.” i say, “if it smells like fish, pour some ketchup on it. then eat it.”
working link below.
jump-3026 cover.jpg
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Jermaine Lou

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Feb 16, 2021
Not sure whether it’s a prop or not, but I’ve seen JAVs with ‘maybe’ real virgins. As the guy push his thing inside, blood seems to flow out so it could be real but I’m not sure.

Like this one from Chiyo Mayuzumi’s video:



Apr 26, 2020
Well tbfrank, the bleeding discharge is only correlated with loss of virginity. It's not always the case.


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Nov 27, 2007
It would not be that difficult for JAV directors to fake a defloration sex scene.
There must be a laboratory in Japan which produces a non-toxic red liquid which could be passed off as blood. In the U.S.A., Herschell Gordon Lewis' original gore movies ("Blood Feast") used Barfred Blood {name of the lab}.
The off-camera secret to this then becomes using a small plastic bag (usually used to hold a lapel pin) with a zipping closure. Put the fake blood in the bag. Close the bag. Insert the bag in our female's pussy. With any amount of hard thrusting by the male, the bag will rupture open, and the liquid will ooze out of the female's pussy.
Granted, this mandates the main camera angle must be directly pointed at the female's pussy - nothing from the front or side [i.e.: Missionary Position]. Because the viewer must be shown when the blood begins flowing out.
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