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Beginner Manga Artist

Discussion in 'Manga Discussion' started by GoMifune, Feb 25, 2017.

  1. GoMifune

    GoMifune Mach GoGoGo !

    Hi - new member- starting to draw manga, would be happy to hear any thoughts- or pics of other artist work, materials, styles, favorites, best books for instruction . . . and so on! Nice to meet you, looks like a good crew. Peace
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  2. gamal1992

    gamal1992 Member

    I drew one back in the days with 3 chapters each one consist of 100 pages the story about vampires:
    The story tell about vamp as I said but it show that there are 200 noble vamp who are also leaders of thier own group arranged fr8m 0 to 200 depens on thier power .
    But after 1000 years they discover a new one the noble no201. Who has the ability to walk under the sun without any problem with the progress of the story they will know that he is the son of the legendary vamp ,, Dracula ,,and his mother was a human also he will fall in love within a wolf girl and she will too and they will fight each other and protect eacother and then one will die for tthe other ,,,, first chapter was about the no 201 :::jack::: 2nd chapter about his love ammanda ,,, third one about the war between wolfs and vamps
  3. kjamc1982

    kjamc1982 Well-Known Member

    I would suggest a book by Scott McCloud 'Making Comics: Storytelling secrets of comics, manga, and graphic novels. The ISBN of it is 978-0060780944. Just keep drawing and draw some more.