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Balzac - 2002 - Terrifying! Art Of Dying - The Last Men On Earth II box [FLAC]

Discussion in 'Music Torrents' started by AyanoAzusa, Dec 20, 2013.

  1. AyanoAzusa

    AyanoAzusa New Member


    Terrifying! Art Of Dying - The Last Men On Earth II

    Place Of Origin: Osaka, Japan
    Release Year: 2002
    Ripping Source: CD
    Label: Diwphalanx Records
    Catalog Number: PX-076/077
    Ripped With: EAC (Secure And Test) with LOG and CUE
    Format: FLAC

    Disc 1: Art Of Dying
    1-1 Thirteen
    1-2 Out Of The Blue
    1-3 Soko-De Miteita Yami-No Mukou-No Subete-Wo
    1-4 In Your Face
    1-5 The Silence Of Crows ~ Brazilian Horror Movie "In Bloody Face" Theme
    1-6 A Day In The Darkness
    1-7 Vanishes In Oblivion ~ Out Of The Blue (Reprise)

    Disc 2: The Last Men On Earth II
    2-1 Night Of The Blood Beast
    2-2 Diabolos
    2-3 13Ghosts
    2-4 Day The Earth Caught Fire
    2-5 Long Way (Before The Day Goes Over The Night)
    2-6 God Of Mercy
    2-7 Fiendish Ghouls
    2-8 Night Tide
    2-9 Vanishes In Oblivion
    2-10 From Hell It Came
    2-11 Psycho In 308
    2-12 Monster II
    2-13 Girl From Horrorwood


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