Baby Blues 詭嬰 (2013)


Ninja Pig
Jan 15, 2009

Actor/Actress Raymond Lam (Actor) | Kate Tsui (Actor) | Sheng Jun (Actor) | Yu Bo (Actor) | Ng Karena (Actor) | Irene Wan (Actor) | Lo Hoi Pang (Actor) | Cheng Qian (Actor)

Director: Leong Po Chih

When the newlyweds Hao (Raymond LAM) and Tian Qing (Janelle SING) move into an old house, Tian Qing was spellbound by a mysterious doll left by the previous owner. From then on, it's as if the doll is always watching the young couple. Not long after, Tian Qing becomes pregnant with twins but as Hao has been always busy with work, he comes home later every night. Tian Qing's younger sister, Trinket (Karena NG) suspects he's having an affair with a singer. When Tian Qing gives birth to only one child due to an accidental slipping, she begins to show signs of depression and weird behavior. She even has the doll as the substitute for one of the twins, which makes Hao believes there is an evil spirit in the house...


Language:	Cantonese

Subtitles:	English

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